Preparation and stem sells transplant stages


The treatment period can be very stressful for the patient and his family. Some patients feel more comfortable when they talk about their fears and problems with relatives, some people prefer to talk only to the medical staff. Each patient chooses the most convenient way.


Treatment procedure differs for each clinic. Typically, patients with implanted bone marrow donor, must remain in the room for some days or weeks. Limiting the visit can sometimes cause the patient to feel lonely, so you should discuss with your doctor in advance whether relatives to visit him.


It is also advisable to take a book or a movie or anything else that can help pass the time. Most hospitals have TVs, video, DVD and radio. Patients undergoing treatment with high doses supporting stem cells should not remain isolated in their rooms.



Stages transplantation:

♦ The first step is to minimize the extent of cancer chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy. The higher the dose, the greater the chances of treatment success. It is not possible to carry out the transplantation in the presence of a large number of cancer cells. The desired result is a state of remission.


♦ In the second stage, the stem cells collection from the patient or donor.


♦ Third stage can be a treatment with high doses to eliminate residual cancer in the body. Intensive treatment completely destroys the normal bone marrow cells of the patient. This stage, which is sometimes called stage C usually lasts for several days and can cause the patient to feel bad. To help overcome bad feeling, patients are assigned effective drugs for nausea and vomiting, which, however, can cause drowsiness.


♦ The fourth step patient implanted stem cells, bone marrow cells intravenously (similar to a blood transfusion). Stem cells reach the bone marrow through blood and begin to produce new blood cells. This process normally takes 2-4 weeks, the patient is in the hospital as long as the number of blood cells will not return to a safe level.



While the levels of healthy blood cells is low, the body prone to infections.


To prevent infection, patient receives an antibiotic and sometimes the injection of a substance, which stimulates the growth of the white cells at the same time, the growth hormone is to stimulate the production of healthy blood cells in the bone marrow.


Furthermore, it will be necessary to pass the blood and platelet transfusions. In the case of stem cell transplantation or bone marrow donor, the patient is isolated in a special room, to be protected against infections. After treatment, need medical care and proper nutrition to a full recovery.



Risks and side effects of a bone marrow transplant

Specialists bone marrow transplant

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Bone Marrow Transplantation



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