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Private Hospitals of Israel


Along with the technologies of private hospitals by international standards, tourists also have the opportunity to be consulted by the by any leading medical expert of the country (department managers of public hospitals, professors, senior physicians etc.).







The main benefits of private Israeli medicine are as follows:


Right of choosing a doctor

According to the law of the state of Israel medicine, patient whether Israeli or a tourist who has the right to be consulted only by the doctor who is on shift at the time of patient arrival. That is, if the patient wishes to be consulted by any certain leading Israeli doctor it could only be held in private.


Program planned in advance

Treated privately, on a pre-organized program, convenient, fast, and no more expensive than public hospitals. On average, the time required for examination in a private clinic, takes 4-5 working days.


Full control of treatment process

Due to the independence, flexibility and responsiveness of our team, organizing our patients treatment in a private clinic, we are able to on their behalf to fully control and manage the process of treatment, order all diagnostic procedures in our patient convenient time to organize a consultation of any Israeli physician selected by the patient or recommended by us, based on our examination.


High service and attention level

Another important factor for treatment in private clinics of Israel is the level of service and attention to medical personnel who incomparably higher than in public. The ratio of the middle and junior staff on one patient at a private clinic disproportionately higher than the state. Private clinics in Israel are characterized by a more comfortable single and double rooms, as opposed to state, as well as the absence of the front desk and other emergency hospitalization of patients. That is, all operations are carried out in a planned manner, which greatly reduces the chance of infection.


Israeli leading private clinics:


Herzliya Medical Center

Ramat Aviv Medical Center


However, treatment at private clinics may not be suitable for all foreign patients. This depends on the type of disease and its severity.


Israel Private clinics are not designed to patient care such as:

– Children and adults with severe diseases;

– Extremely complex, non-standard operations;

Children’s cardiac surgery;

– Organ transplantation.


All of the above cases require the involvement of the medical capacity of the public clinics.


It is also important to understand that each private clinic in Israel has its own order, timing and cost. In addition, not each of them have absolutely all the medical equipment needed for patient complete diagnosis and proper treatment.


To learn all the details of your upcoming treatment in Israel, as well as to avoid unforeseen situations, please contact us. We will send you all the possible treatment options and cost in Israel, so you can make save time and money and make your own decision.


We will advise:

galka What doctor to choose

galka How to get a second opinion

galka How to choose the right clinic or hospital

galka What is the treatment cost in Israel

galka What documents are required

galka How to minimize costs

galka How to save time on treatment

galka Where and how to buy medicines

and all other questions


We will make the whole process clear to you.

Call-Center for an appointment at leading doctors of Israel
Should you like to get an opinion of a leading highly specialized Israeli doctor / surgeon on whether you are receiving the right treatment in your country or if there is more advanced treatment, including personalized and targeted therapy, please contact us. We will promptly coordinate an appointment and / or treatment in Israel. 
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