Joints treatment with fat stem cells

Joints treatment with fat stem cells

The use of human adipose tissue stem cells (or adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells) is one of the innovative treatments in Israel, that is used by our orthopedist and replaces or help to delay joint replacement.

Stem cells are cells that have the potential to degenerate into other cells. Of all the operations, this is the most innovative treatment. Many studies on the treatment and formation of stem cells concern cancer treatment, facial and breast reconstruction, heart disease and many other areas.

Injections into the shoulder, knee and hip joints: hyaluronic acid, orthokine, platelet rich plasma (PRP), adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (adipose tissue cells).

In orthopedics, stem cells are studied in the healing of wounds, joints of tendons, treatment of meniscus ruptures, and the treatment of osteoarthritis. This area is still in its infancy, and its capabilities and evidence are not yet fully understood.

Stem cells can be extracted from several sources. The two most common of these are the bone marrow and fatty tissue. The highest concentration of stem cells can be obtained in the adipose tissue.

Unlike PRP (platelet rich plasma) or orthokine, which help in the treatment of hip, knee, shoulder, joints treatment with fat stem cells in Israel also has the ability to repair tissues. For example, published studies demonstrated partial growth of a meniscus previously removed surgically.

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What is the procedure for stem cell treatment of adipose tissue?

As mentioned above, the material from which the regenerating cells are made is a fatty tissue. Liposuction of about 300 cm3 is performed under general anesthesia by our skilled orthopedist in Israel. Pumped fat is placed in a special machine that separates fat cells from stem cells and regenerative cells. In total, 5 cm3 of material is obtained, which can be introduced into the target area. If necessary, the material can be divided into several doses for injection into several areas. This material can also be injected into the area that is undergoing surgery.

It should be noted once again that stem cells derived from adipose tissue refer to the type of cells that can form tissues and treat, but their therapeutic abilities have not yet been defined.

Indications are also not absolute. Adipose tissue stem cells can be injected intravenously into the torn area of ​​the meniscus, into the bone, affected by avascular necrosis (AVN), into the torn ligament or inflamed area to restore it.

The time of the procedure has not yet been established precisely, since the goal is to create a new and standard tissue in principle. Therefore time is not limited.

  • Advantages: stem cells of adipose tissue is a natural substance with very high healing properties.
  • Risks: not observed.
  • Disadvantages: Liposuction can not be performed in patients with too low a weight (very thin people).


Before the procedure, it is necessary to undergo preoperative examination and fasting 6 hours before the procedure, as before any other surgery.

After the injection, you can immediately return to full activity and self-reliance. It is recommended to avoid efforts for at least two weeks. If the injection is carried out at the end of the operation, it is necessary to follow the postoperative rehabilitation.

In case of redness, fever, or swelling in the area of ​​injection, you should immediately consult with our doctor in Israel.

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