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ResultMed provides medical services to international patients who are not sure about their health condition or diagnosis, faced with the choice of a treatment option, need a reliable, clear advice of a reputable Israeli doctor as well as an advanced medical treatment in Israel.



We collaborate with Leading Israeli Doctors, Heads of Departments and Research Centers of the biggest Israeli hospitals.





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• for accurate diagnosis

• to determine the most effective treatment method

• to define if precision (personalized) treatment is suitable in your case

• to determine whether the surgery is necessary or not, what is the most appropriate surgery method

• analysis of MRI, CT, MRA, SC, scintigraphy, ultrasound, PET CT, PET AC and any other tests by Israeli radiology experts.

Call-Center for an appointment at leading doctors of IsraelContact us if you are not sure about your health condition or diagnosis, if you are faced with the choice of a treatment option, if you need a reliable, clear medical advice of a reputable Israeli doctor, and advanced treatment according to the latest guidelines. We will promptly coordinate an appointment and treatment in Israel.


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ResultMed provides medical treatment coordination for international patients



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