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Melanoma and skin cancer



Malignant skin tumors are a group of diseases that can be effectively controlled by Israeli doctors. Therefore, access the doctor on time and a proper treatment can prevent its development and help to improve life quality of our patients.


Prof. Prof. Jacob Schachter


Prof. Jacob Schachter – Worldwide known Israeli professional with many years of experience treating all types of melanoma and skin cancer in.

Head of the Ella Lamelbaum Institute for Melanoma and Immunooncology at Sheba Academic Medical Center, Chaim Sheba Hospital, Israel.

Deputy Director of Oncology Department of Chaim Sheba Hospital.


Prof. Haim Gutman


Prof. Haim Gutman Head of surgery, Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Hospital.



If you or any of your relatives were diagnosed with the disease, please contact us. We accept applications for the treatment of all disease stages, any kind of tumor location and malignancies.


We make evaluation program focused on your problem in a short time. Thus, you will know before the trip to Israel, the date and time of appointment or procedure. When staying in Israel you will be informed in advance when the test results are ready, when the secondary appointment will be held, when and what kind of treatment or surgery will be performed.


The first step to effective treatment is correct diagnosis. From this Israeli doctors start. All the patients are examined in Israel.

Diagnostics usually lasts 4-5 days, after which the patient receives a conclusion from the doctor about the diagnosis.


At the request of our patients, we also provide a second doctor’s opinion. In this case, you can take advantage of our recommendation, or choose a doctor yourself. Make an appointment you can throw form, chat or telephone.


Digital mapping of skin – early diagnosis of melanoma

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Melanoma treatment

Keytruda – new medicine for melanoma treatment without side effects

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Guidelines for the primary melanoma evaluation and treatment in 2019

Primary Cutaneous Melanoma Clinical Practice Guidelines (2019)

In November 2018, the American Academy of Dermatology published Guidelines for the evaluation and  primary cutaneous melanoma treatment.

Israeli oncologists are evaluating and treating primary cutaneous melanoma in accordance with the international standards.

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Opdivo (Nivolumab)

Opdivo (Bristol-Myers Squibb) is a medicine prescribed by Israeli doctors for the treatment of sicknesses such as:

Melanoma – in cases where the disease has spread to other organs and can not be removed surgically, or for the purpose of adjuvant therapy (prevention).

Metastatic non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCL) – in cases where the disease progressed during or after chemotherapy treatment.

OPDIVO shows 50% longer median overall survival vs Chemotherapy* (9.2 vs 6.0 months) in patients with NSCL, according to the study that included PD-L1 Expressors and Non-Expressors. (http://www.opdivohcp.com/metastatic-nsclc/efficacy/clinical-trial-results)

Hodgkin’s lymphoma after autologous stem cell transplantation.

Proven in clinical study:

– tumors shrink or disappeared completely in 69% (179 of 258 patients);
– tumors shrink (partial response) in 55% (142 of 258);
– tumors disappeared completely (complete response) in 14% (37 of 258).

The clinical trials are being continued.

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Eye melanoma

Eye melanoma (ocular, uveal melanoma, melanoma of conjunctiva, eyelid melanoma) is a cancer that develops from melanocytes, cells that produce melanin pigment which is responsible for the color of the skin and eyes.

New approach of immunotherapy medicines allows our oncologists to increase significantly treatment results and improve quality of life of our patients.

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Keytruda – immunotherapy cancer

Keytruda picture

Keytruda – medicine which completely changes the approach to cancer treatment.

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Skin cancer

Skin cancer treatment at leading Israeli onco-dermatologists

Skin cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells with damaged DNA structure. These cells proliferate and form a cancerous tumor. 

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Melanoma treatment

Liver cancer

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, but due to many years of persistent work of our leading Institute of Melanoma under the control of prof. Schachter, during last years rate of successful melanoma treatment has dramatically increased in Israel.

When skin cancer is diagnosed and promptly treated in accordance with professor’s recommendations (surgery / immunotherapy / biological therapy / TIL therapy), good results may be achieved even in the progressive stage of the disease.

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