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Melanoma treatment



Melanoma early stages and metastatic melanoma treatment in Israel. New treatment methods including immunotherapy, biological therapy and TIL therapy positively affect results of the treatment and significantly improve life quality of our patients.


Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It usually appears as an asymmetric, irregularly bordered, colored or brown spots or growths that continue to grow in size over time. In rare cases, the spot may be colorless.


Prof. Yakov Shekhter


Prof. Jacob SchachterHead of “Ella” Institute, Melanoma treatment, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.


Leading expert with years of experience treating all types of melanoma and skin cancer in Israel.


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Our doctors specialize in treating the following types of melanoma:

♦ Superficial melanoma
♦ Nodular melanoma
♦ Lenti-ginous melanoma (LGM)
♦ Acrolenti-ginous melanoma (ALM)
♦ Amelanotic melanoma

♦ Melanoma retina
♦ Mucosal melanoma
♦ Melanoma of soft tissue

Uveal melanoma


The first step to effective treatment is correct diagnosis. From this Israeli doctors start.


If you or your one of your relatives diagnosed with melanoma and you would like to receive a professional medical opinion and advanced treatment please send us medical reports that you have for preliminary consideration.


Melanoma Diagnosis:

♦ Blood test


♦ MRI brain

♦ Biopsy and pathology study

♦ Oncologist consultation

♦ Surgeon consultation


Melanoma treatment


Surgical excision. In this case, the surgeon removes the minimum amount of tissue damaged by tumor cells. This minimal invasive procedure is easy to carry and leaves small sizes scars, which disappear with time. The procedure on an outpatient basis in the doctor’s office and there is no need in hospitalization. In case of removal of large melanoma, skin transplantation produced by the patient from other body parts, which is generally not exposed and visible.


Mohs micrographic surgery. The essence of this operation is to remove a thin layer of skin in one micrographic excision under control. Excision is terminated when a precision microscope no longer detects skin cancer cells. This method allows detection of cancer cells in the layers of skin, invisible to the eye, and at the same time to preserve as much healthy tissue. In recent years Mohs staining increasingly used to identify cancer cells – immunocytochemical or immunohistochemical staining using dyes that are absorbed mostly skin pigment cells (melanocytes) of which melanoma formed. This allows to see them clearly under the microscope.


Immunotherapy. Treatment with biological drugs has replaced chemotherapy for melanoma treatment of in Israel. Immune preparations are aimed at working with the human immune system, forcing it to fight the disease on its own, instead of chemical formulas. Keytruda is the newest drug, a new drug that gives a successful result in the treatment of metastatic melanoma in 50% of patients, without side effects.


More detailed about immunotherapy and drugs for melanoma treatment.



TIL therapy. Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes is a new modern kind of immunotherapy that used in Israel for the treatment of metastatic melanoma of different tumor genome. TIL method means “infiltration (or implantation) of tumor lymphocytes”. During TIL therapy, cancer cells are destroyed by the human lymphocytes (autologous cells).


More details about TIL therapy


Targeted therapy. These are drugs that interfere with the action of abnormal molecules in tumor cells that regulate their growth. When molecules undergo certain genetic mutations, they stimulate the growth and spread of cancer cells.

The goal of this therapy is to stop the action of mutating molecules in order to slow the growth of melanoma cells without damaging the healthy tissue.


Combination therapy. Targeted therapy and immunotherapy can effectively treat metastatic cancer, which has spread from its origin to other parts of the body. Our oncologists discovered that in some patients treatment is more effective with combination of drugs.


Adjuvant therapy. This is an additional treatment, shown after the initial treatment of melanoma, usually surgical. The goal of adjuvant therapy is to reduce the risk of melanoma recurrence.


Radiotherapy. In some cases used chemotherapy separately or in combination with other methods.


The method of treatment is determined individually for each patient. Based on a complete picture of the survey determined the prevalence of the process in the body, the degree of aggressiveness of the tumor, the individual characteristics of the organism (sensitivity to drugs, as well as the sensitivity of tumor cells to certain drugs), the general condition of the patient. Treatment may be one of the above methods and combine several techniques consistently.


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