Best Israeli ENT doctors and Head & Neck surgeons 2022 – Forbes Ranking

Best ENT doctors in Israel 2022 - Forbes

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below you can see a list of the best Israeli otolaryngologists and  specialists in the treatment of the ear, nose, head and neck in 2022, according to the international magazine Forbes. You can see the full list in the Forbes doctors ranking.

The list includes leading surgeons and therapists who have been recommended by their fellow professionals from other medical fields to avoid bias.

All the listed doctors practice and operate in central Israel – Tel Aviv and nearby cities.

If you need a consultation or second opinion from one of the leading ENT doctors or  Head & Neck surgeons from the Forbes doctors list, please contact us, we will promptly arrange a consultation, and, if necessary, diagnostics and treatment in Israel under the supervision of this doctor.


Best otolaryngologists – ENT doctors 2022

Prof. Lunz Michal – Director of the unit for medicine and surgery of the ear and hearing at Assuta the ventilation mechanism of the middle ear system and the eardrum, chronic inflammatory ear diseases and cholesteatoma, cochlear implantation and hearing aid implantation.

Dr. Oron Yahav – MD, Director of the unit for hearing and speech. Head and neck surgery, Mouth and Jaws, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). Treatment of vertigo, dizziness, hearing disorders, tinnitus. Dry acupuncture, hypnosis, physiotherapy.

Dr. Goldfarb Avi – Head of ENT department and Director of the ear surgical service, Wolfson Medical Center. Areas of care: Acute or chronic inflammation of the ears, hearing impairment, enlargement of tonsils and adenoids, fluid in the ears. FESS sinus surgery, nasal polyps, hearing rehabilitation by cochlear implant, otosclerosis, cholesteatoma, mastoidectomy, repair of a hole in the eardrum (tympanoplasty), implanted hearing aids with bone anchors or for the middle ear (BAHI, BONEBRIDGE, SOUNDBRIDGE). Buttons, adenoids and tonsils surgery, sinus surgery and nasal septum alignment.

Prof. Halperin Doron – senior physician Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head Surgery Neck, Assuta Hospital, Rafael Hospital. All types of pediatric surgeries, pharyngeal surgeries, neck surgeries with an emphasis on endocrine surgeries of the thyroid gland, adrenal gland and salivary glands.

Dr. Handzel Ophir – Director of the ear surgery unit. ENT and Head and neck surgery department, Tel Aviv (Ichilov) medical center. Expert in ears surgery and hearing rehabilitation. Specialist in stapedectomy, cochlear implant, tympanoplasty, BAHA implant, sudden loss of hearing treatment, ventilation ducts, vestibular schwannoma, cholesteatoma, mastoidectomy.

Prof. Negris Beny – Head of ENT department, Meir Medical Center. Specializes in head and neck surgeries, ear and hearing surgeries, ENT Children, excision of polyps, vocal cord surgery (laryngoscopy), “button” surgeries, otosclerosis (stapedotomy), repair of a hole in the eardrum (tympanoplasty), repair of defects in the hearing organs (ossiculoplasty), expansion of the external auditory canal (canaloplasty), inflammations involving the ear bone and mastoid (mastoidectomy), surgeries for processes involving the facial nerve, auditory nerve and/or balance nerve, hearing implantation, including bone-anchored devices and cochlear implants,

Prof. Kaplan Daniel – Head of ENT, Head and Neck department, union chairman ENT doctors. Head and neck surgery in Israel, Soroka Medical Center. Specialization in ears – treatment of ear diseases and problems, including hearing impairments, chronic otitis, otorhinolaryngology for children, including tonsil surgeries, button surgeries, hearing surgeries, including cochlear implant, diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, providing medical advice to the courts and other parties.

Prof. Kronenberg Yona – Physician and surgeon Senior otolaryngologist, former manager A&G Department at the Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer and a senior doctor in the department A.G. at Shamir Hospital (Assaf). Specialist in hearing and ear surgery, pediatric surgeries, cochlear implant, skull base surgery, facial nerve surgery, balance and dizziness, buttons surgery.

Prof. Shvero Jacob – expert surgeon for vocal cords, throat and glands in the neck, Former Deputy Director of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department Throat and Head and neck surgery and manager. Voice problems treatment unit at the Rabin medical center. Specialist in benign and malignant tumors in the head and neck area – thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, salivary glands and throat and endoscopic and laser surgeries on the vocal cords in the throat.

Dr. Shapira Yisgav – Deputy Director of ENT department. Head of transplant service. Specialist in ear diseases and hearing rehabilitation at the medical center Sheba Tel Hashomer. Head of the center for ear medicine and hearing rehabilitation. Specialist in ear diseases including infections, hearing problems, tumors and cholesteatoma, ENT surgeries in children such as tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, insertion of buttons and cochlear implant.

Dr. Abergel Avraham – Deputy Director Otorhinolaryngology department and Director of the unit for sinuses, otolaryngology/surgical setup head and neck, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). Specialist in acute sinusitis, recurrent sinusitis, bacterial and viral sinus infections, recurrent inflammation of the frontal sinus, maxillary sinus, sphenoidal sinus in the skull, chronic inflammations – polyps, mucocilla, mucosal adhesions, sinus tumor removal, cysts in the sinuses, fungus in the sinuses, sinus surgery due to dental problems, benign and malignant tumors, skull base tumors removal, melanoma tumors, soft tissue tumors, tumor of the olfactory nerve, tumors that are not from mucosal cells, tumors arising from the nasal mucosa, bone tumors of the sinuses, inverted papilloma, otorhinolaryngology tumors in children.

Prof. Landsberg Roy – Expert for ear, nose and throat diseases, hospital Assuta Tel Aviv. Specialist in acute and chronic sinusitis, obstruction of nasal breathing, empty nose syndrome, sleep apnea, consultative and surgical collaboration with dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons, consultative and surgical collaboration with ophthalmologists and eye socket surgeons, consultative and surgical collaboration with neurosurgeons.

Dr. Soudry Ethan – Director of the surgical unit endoscopic of the sinuses and base of the skull and director of outpatient clinics ENT and Head&Neck, Beilinson Hospital. Specialist in acute and chronic sinusitis, nose obstruction, deviation of the nasal septum, enlargement of third tonsil (adenoid), epidural polyps, problems in the structure of the nasal cartilages or their weakness, nose tumors, treatment of epistaxis, endoscopic surgeries for tear ducts, eye sockets and the base of the skull base, pituitary surgeries.

Dr. Peleg Uri – Head of the Nose and Sinuses Unit, in the Otolaryngology department and Head and neck surgery, the medical center Shaare Zedek. Specialist in nose and sinuses, tumors in the neck and throat, pediatric surgeries – tonsils, adenoids and buttons. Voice problems and hoarseness treatment.

Dr. Koren Ilan – Otolaryngologist. Specialist in nose and sinus diseases, manager of the unit of sinuses in the group Atid Medical, Raphael Hospital. Specialist in epic breathing problems, nasal septum surgery and nasal concha resection, problems from snoring to obstructive sleep disorder, sinus infections, sinus surgery with the help of a computerized navigation system, endoscopic examination, bloody nose, sense of taste and smell problems, nose and systemic diseases, tear ducts and the nose, throat/ swallowing – stringy voice.

Dr. Estricher-Kedem Yael – Director of the Laryngology Service, Director of the Voice Disorders Service and Swallowing, the ENT Department and Head and Neck, Mouth and Jaw surgeries, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov).

Dr. Drendel Michael – Doctor otolaryngologist. Specialist in diagnosis and in the treatment of swallowing and surgical disorders, the nasal cavity and sinuses, swallowing disorders, dysphagia, FEES test, videofluoroscopy, buttons surgery, surgery to remove the tonsils, adenoids, nose and sinus surgeries.

Dr. Hamzany Yaniv – Senior physician in the ENT department, Beilinson Hospital. Director of the service for the treatment of throat tumors. Specialist in the treatment of hoarseness, voice disorders and swallowing, extensive experience in performing vocal cord surgeries.

Dr. Primov Fever Adi – Director The voice clinic in the ENT department, Surgeon and senior doctor, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer. Specialist in first aid for the voice, vocal cord surgery, artistic voice, professional hoarseness, hoarseness in children, tumors on the vocal cords.


Best ENT doctors for children 2022

Dr. Shapira-Galitz Yael – ENT doctor, Pediatrician – voice disorders, breathing and swallowing, Kaplan Medical Center. Specialist in breathing problems, voice, swallowing, throat problems, cough, dry cough, Corona cough, tracheostomy, shortness of breath, vocal cords, hoarseness, stroboscopy, vocal cord paralysis, smoking damage, loss of voice, swallowing test, heartburn, reflux, aspiration, FEES test, throat cancer, sore throat.

Dr. Ulanovski David – Service manager Children’s Ears, Schneider Medical Center Children. Specialist in children’s otolaryngology, snoring, sleep apnea, hearing and speech.

Prof. Derowe Ari – Director of the unit Children’s Hospital, Dana Hospital Duek for Children, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). Specialist in endoscopic surgeries of upper airways including nose and sinuses and vocal cords, surgeries for children suffering from congenital and acquired stenosis, sleep apnea in children, tonsil surgeries – including android surgeries (third tonsil), surgeries to treat ear infections in children, buttons surgery, ear surgeries for chronic infections, surgical treatments for deafness, including a cochlear implant, Surgeries of tumors and cysts of the head and neck in children

Prof. Wolf Michael – ENT Specialist, ear diseases and tube surgeries in children. Former Head of ENT department, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.

Prof. Reva Eyal – Director of the ENT unit, Schneider Pediatric Center

Dr. Yoram Stern – Director of the unit for upper respiratory tract in the acute care unit, Schneider Pediatric Center. ENT children, lingual tie cutting, tonsil and adenoid surgeries, button surgeries.


Best Head and Neck Surgeons – thyroid gland, cancer tumors of the respiratory tract and swallowing

Dr. Alon Eran – Head of Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer. Specialist in treatment of thyroid and hyperthyroid tumors, salivary gland tumors, tumors in the oral cavity includes tumors in the tongue, upper and lower jaw, melanoma treatment of the head and neck includes a sentinel gland, reconstructive plastics of the head and neck and microsurgical operations, robotic surgeries for tumors in the pharyngeal cavity, treatment of obstructive sleep disorders, lumps in the neck in children and adults.

Dr. Elkan Uri – Head and neck, sleep medicine and surgery specialist. Snoring and sleep apnea surgeries, Billinson Hospital, endoscopic examination while asleep.

Dr. Cordliuk Sophia – Physician in the otolaryngology department, Soroka Medical Center.

Dr. Landau-Zemar Tali – Specialist in field of voice disorders and swallowing, otolaryngology surgery, throat surgery and voice rehabilitation, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center.

Dr. Rahima David – Senior physician in the ENT department, a specialist in endoscopy surgery of the salivary glands, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center.

Dr. Badrin Lev – Specialist in head and neck oncology, endoscopy of the nose, sinuses and the base of the skull. Sheba medical center, Tel Hashomer.


Best doctors for salivary glands surgery

Dr. Avishai Gal – Senior physician in the department for oral and maxillofacial surgery, Director Outpatient clinics of the department and responsible for the field of salivary glands surgery, Beilinson hospital.

Dr. Alterman Michael – Senior physician in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center. Specialist in salivary gland surgeries, all types of complex teeth extractions (including trapped wisdom teeth), installing dental implants, orthodontic surgical treatments (exposing trapped teeth and installing orthodontic implants), bone grafts, including advanced techniques and materials, biopsies from the jaws and the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Prof. Eframian Doron – Director Department of oral medicine, sedation and imaging. Director of the Center for salivary glands diseases and the center for the Sjogren syndrome, Hadassah Medical Center.

Prof. Nahliali Oded – Director of the unit for minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy of the mouth, face and jaws. Head of the mouth and jaws surgery unit, endoscopy and treatment of  diseases of the salivary glands, Galilee Medical Center. Practice at the Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv. Specialist in inflammations and infections in the salivary glands, stones in the salivary glands, repair and reconstruction of the nerves of the tongue and lip, minimal treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis by a dedicated dental implant.

Prof. Chaushu Gabriel – Director Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Beilinson Hospital. Specialist in bone grafts, gum treatments, root canal treatments, aesthetics, prosthodontics, dental implants.

Dr. Klein Hila – Senior doctor in the Department of Oral Surgery and Jaws, Rambam Medical Center. Specialist in surgery of the salivary glands and endoscopic, tiny surgery of the salivary glands.

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