Conjunctiva Cancer

Conjunctiva Cancer

Tumors of conjunctiva is he result of uncontrolled cell division layers of the conjunctiva of the eye.


We recommend the narrow section physician to treat a certain type of cancer which makes treatment the most effective and helps to improve the quality of life of our patients.


Prof. Jacob Peer – Head of the Eye Cancer Department, Hadassah Medical Center. He is one of leading Israeli experts in eye malignant diseases.


Diagnosis and treatment of conjunctiva cancer

The conjunctiva is the mucous and the choroid. Tumors of the conjunctiva can be of two types: tumors of the epithelial layer and stromal tumors.


Epithelial tumors account for about 90% of all tumors and the conjunctiva are formed from melanocytes (the cells that are responsible for the color of the skin and eyes). Stromal tumors conjunctiva generally rare and they are formed from a vascular, connective, neurogenic, muscle, fat and lymphatic tissues.


Benign tumors of the conjunctiva is often papillomavirus (horny cell papilloma), cysts and moles (nevi) of various kinds. If the stain does not change or grow over the years you may continue observation without treatment. If the changes occur, it must be treated.


In many cases, epithelial tumors especially pre-cancerous and cancerous, such as carcinoma (squamous cell carcinoma) or conjunctiva melanoma is very often a local recurrence of the tumor.


We select the narrow field physician to treat a certain type of cancer, which makes the most effective treatment and helps to improve the quality of life of our patients.


Professor Jacob Peer – Director of Ocular Oncology Department, Hadassah Medical Center. He is the leading expert in the treatment of eyes cancer


Treatment of conjunctiva cancer

Surgical excision. Is the primary method of treatment of a significant part of the tumors of the eye. However, non-surgical methods such as brachytherapy or local chemotherapy may act as a replacement therapy. These are non-invasive intraepithelial conjunctiva and cornea.


Brachytherapy (local irradiation). This method is the most common. In the damaged layer of the eye is placed plate with radioactive material and remains there for a few days, in accordance with the calculation determined individually for each patient. Plate itself is a source of radiation, and radiation is only increased following ocular tissues. Removing the plate and the performance evaluation is done under local anesthesia. Brachytherapy is used as initial therapy for malignant tumors of the conjunctiva, but it can also be applied in cases of disease recurrence. Additional treatment greatly reduces the risk of disease recurrence.


External exposure. Carcinoma of the conjunctiva, as a rule, gives a good response to an external therapy, but in general, for the treatment of tumors of the conjunctiva, this method is rarely used and minimum doses since the strong sensitivity of the anterior segment of the eye to the radiation. Most often, this method is applicable in the case of surgery to remove the eye.


Local chemotherapy. This method can be performed in several ways: prior to surgery, at the time of surgery, after surgery, or instead of the operation. Its purpose is to reduce the size of the tumor prior to surgical removal. Treatment after surgery is used as adjuvant therapy to reduce the risk of local tumors. In this case, the use of local chemotherapy occurs instead of re-operation.

After chemotherapy side effects are also possible, such as conjunctival hyperemia, eye irritation, tearing, sometimes swollen eyelids.


Local biological therapies. Treatment with recombinant interferon alpha-2-B.


Systemic chemotherapy. Metastasis of carcinoma and melanoma conjunctiva other organs require systemic therapy and sometimes radiation. For example, such tumor is lymphoma conjunctiva is a part of systemic disease. In these cases, systemic chemotherapy or other systemic treatments are necessary. Such cases are considered by both oncology and hematology experts which give recommendations for treatment.



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