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Personalized colon cancer treatment




Colorectal cancer is one of the most common malignant diseases in the world. To date, despite the fact that at the time of detection, about 25% of patients have been diagnosed with multiple spread to other organs (metastases), the survival of 60% of these patients has increased up to 5 years. The range of drugs available for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer is rapidly expanding. In addition, great progress has been made in this field and in others, which led to the possibility of individual treatment for different groups of patients.



Significant benefit also is from diagnosing at an early stage, when the most probable and still possible is surgical intervention, as well as from new methods capable of destroying some tumor metastases. An important contribution made also with more precise detection of pathological zones throughout the body by improving the visual diagnosis – PET-CT.


Variety of successes achieved and their numerous effects on the individual patients treatment allow to get recommendations for the initial treatment of metastatic colon cancer, as well as options available for second and third line treatment that may be required if the tumor does not respond to first-line drugs or if it grows again after the treatment.


All these treatment decisions are made taking into account the specific characteristics of each patient.



Colon cancer therapies mechanism

⇒ Abnormal growth signaling and biological therapy

⇒ Molecular testing and targeted therapy

⇒ Abnormal mechanisms of cell renewal and immunotherapy

⇒ Treatment of patients with minor metastases



The best and most personalized treatment now depends on the control by highly qualified oncologists, the leaders of cancer centers, with many years experience.


For treatment of each individual patient, we combine a team of experts from different fields – medical oncology, pathology, surgeons, radiation therapy, visual diagnostics, who cooperate to determine the most effective individual therapies at each stage of the disease.


Dr. Raanan Berger – Head of the Cancer Institute, Sheba Medical Center, is a specialist with many years experience in cancer treatment, Head of clinical research and development of progressive drugs and methods for treating a wide range of cancer.



Personalized cancer treatment – Dr. Raanan Berger, Director of Cancer Institute.

Onco tests for personalized cancer treatment



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