Doctors-oncologists for colorectal cancer treatment

Ведущие врачи-онкологи по раку кишечника и колоректальному раку

Below is information about leading doctors for treatment of colon (colorectal) cancer, carcinoma or intestinal adenocarcinoma. Doctor prescribes advanced treatment plan according the latest guidelines.


We provide online consultation and second opinion of Israeli doctors for international patients during the COVID-19.


Please contact us if you or someone of your relatives has been diagnosed with colon cancer. You will be consulted and treated by one of the leading oncologist, professor, head of the gastrointestinal cancer department – Ichilov, Sheba, Rabin or Assuta Medical Center. Our doctors specialize in the treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel for many years and are involved in development of therapies for any cancer stage (I-IV) and grade – highly differentiated, low-grade or undifferentiated tumors – G1, G2, G3, G4.


Online appointment will be coordinated via Zoom/Skype/Viber or Whatsapp.


Doctor will review your tests and propose proper treatment options in your case. For the appointment all the necessary medical reports, tests results and discs will be needed.


Required medical data is as follows:

  • a complete disease history
  • medical reports
  • a biopsy report
  • PET-CT and MRI discs
  • blood tests results including CA 19-9 and CEA tumor markers
  • other reports if required


Leading oncologists for colorectal cancer, carcinoma or adenocarcinoma treatment in Israel

Doctors-oncologists for colorectal cancer treatment

Prof. Dan Aderka — Oncologist. Chairman of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Service. Head of GI Biology and Immunotherapy Program Sheba Medical Center. Consultant at Cell Regulation Department, Weizmann Institute. Head of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Unit at the Assuta Hospital.



Doctors-oncologists for colorectal cancer treatment


Prof. Baruch Brenner – Oncologist. Head of the Oncology Department of Gastrointestinal Tract at Rabin (Beilinson) Medical Center.


Doctors-oncologists for colorectal cancer treatment


Dr. Marat Haikin — Surgeon. Colorectal high degree, senior physician of the Surgery Department at the Sheba Medical Center.


Doctors-oncologists for colorectal cancer treatment


Prof. Micha Rabau — Surgeon. Expert in general surgery and proctology. Head of Surgery Department at Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov.


Doctors-oncologists for colorectal cancer treatment

Dr. Maor Lahav– Surgeon. Head of the Invasive Gastroenterology Endoscopy Department at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Senior specialist of the Gastroenterological Institute at the Assuta Hospital. Leading Israeli gastroenterologist, therapist and surgeon, which has considerable experience in the latest methods of invasive and minimally invasive endoscopy.


Israeli oncologists also offer treatment strategies for advanced colon cancer – III and IV stages. Doctors prescribe personalized treatment regimens when standard treatment is not effective. This helps to control disease and significantly expend life at the advanced stages of colorectal cancer. This allows you to win precious time successfully preventing the disease progression for as long as possible.


Using a next-generation molecular oncotest for colon cancer based on your tumor profile, doctors determine the drugs list for each patient. This test may be done either on a blood sample called liquid biopsy, or on a tissue sample. Molecular test allows to find all potential colon cancer immunotherapy or targeted therapy options.


During the online consultation, you will get a second opinion of our doctor about whether such oncotests are suitable in your case.


Our surgeons and oncologists use wide treatment range for colorectal adenocarcinoma:

  • robotic and minimally invasive surgery
  • targeted chemotherapy
  • adjuvant therapy
  • immunotherapy
  • radiation therapy
  • biological therapy


We will coordinate online consultation with one of the best Israeli doctors as soon as possible.


Additional information about colorectal cancer treatment in Israel:

Early diagnosis or screening of collorectal cancer

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