Doctor can detect an enlarged thyroid gland just tested the neck and check the swallowing reflex during a routine physical examination. In some cases, doctor may also detect nodules.


Diagnosis of goiter may also include:

Test hormones. Blood tests can determine the amount of hormones produced by the thyroid gland and the pituitary gland. In this case level of thyroid hormones will be low, while at the same time, the level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) will be increased because trying to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more thyroid hormone. Goiter associated with increased activity of the thyroid gland, usually entails a high level of thyroid hormones in the blood, and lower than normal TSH levels.
Test antibody. Some causes goiter accompanied by the formation of abnormal antibodies. Blood analysis may confirm the presence of these antibodies.

Ultrasound of the neck. Sound waves are reflected through the neck and the back, form images on a computer screen. Pictures show the size and the presence of thyroid nodules in it that the doctor can not probe.

Thyroid scan. During this test the arm vein injected radioisotope. Then a special camera creates an image of thyroid on a computer screen. The time required for the procedure may vary depending on how long to achieve isotope moving thyroid. In the neck may feel some discomfort. Thyroid scan will provide information on the nature and size of the thyroid gland, but it takes longer than the ultrasonic tests.

Biopsy. During fine-needle aspiration biopsy ultrasound is used to control the needle in the thyroid gland to obtain a sample of tissue or fluid for testing.
Goiter treatment

Treatment depends on the size of goiter goiter, signs and symptoms as well as reasons.

Doctor may recommend:

Watching. If the goiter is small and does not cause problems, and the thyroid is functioning normally, doctor may suggest waiting for the development process.

Medications. If you have hypothyroidism, hormone replacement therapy can help resolve symptoms of hypothyroidism, as well as the slow release of thyroid-stimulating hormone from the pituitary gland that reduces the size of the crop. If goiter associated with hyperthyroidism can be assigned medications for normalizing the levels of the hormone.

Surgery. Removal of all or part of the thyroid gland (total or partial thyroidectomy) may be imposed in the case of large goiter that causes inconvenience or difficulty breathing or swallowing, as well as, in some cases, if a nodular goiter causes hyperthyroidism. Surgery is also indicated for the treatment of thyroid cancer. May have to take the drug after the operation depending on the amount of removal of the thyroid gland.

Radioactive iodine. In some cases, the radioactive iodine is used for the treatment of thyroid overactivity. Radioactive iodine is taken orally and it reaches the thyroid gland through the bloodstream, destroying the cells of the thyroid gland. The results of this treatment reduce the size of goiter. Hormone replacement therapy with synthetic thyroid hormone is often taken throughout life.


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