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Ankle (foot) treatment



Treatment of the ankle joint and foot, ankle joint replacement, treatment of bursitis, synovitis, tendovaginitis, Achilles tendon injury, Morton’s neuroma, hammer-shaped finger, plantar fasciitis, fracture of the ankle, fracture of the bones of the ankle joint and foot, Jones fracture.



Ankle is a complex compound of the leg and foot.

Major diseases of the foot are:
galka Bursitis
galka Hammer toe
galka Mucositis foot joints (synovitis)
galka Achilles tendon injury
galka Morton Neuroma
galka Plantar fasciitis



We recommend a narrow specialized doctors in each field of joint treatment:


Prof. Mati Nof – Expert in Ankle and Foot (incl. diabetic) surgery. Head of Department of of the ankle and foot surgery, Asaf ha Rofe Hospital.


Professor Meir Niska – Expert in Ankle and Foot (incl. diabetic) surgery. Head of orthopedic Dpt., Meir Medical Center.


Dr. Amos Schindler – Head of the Department block children’s surgery of the foot and ankle.  A leading orthopedic surgeon for children and adult orthopedic surgery department of Foot and Ankle, Medical Center. Chaim Sheba Tel Hashomer.




Bursitis – bony bumps that develop on the side of your thumb. This so-called valgus (Halyus Valgus), in which the thumb is bent and deformed in the direction of the other toes. If the symptoms persist for a long period, may require surgical intervention, which is straightened thumb and metatarsal bones, called the Osteotomy. This procedure eliminates pain and discomfort in the joint. The surgery itself can be performed on an outpatient basis and takes about an hour. After this operation is necessary to wear special shoes for four to six weeks.


If the bunion caused by rheumatoid arthritis it may eventually develop rheumatoid nodules. These formations are usually the size of a pea, can occur in the pressure points, such big toe, heel, or other fingers, and can be removed surgically. Sometimes on foot swelling also occur that look like nodules caused by valgus deformity. But it’s not the same thing and they do not require surgical removal.


When you step on the stage of deformation raney removes painful osteophytes (overgrowth of new bone). In more advanced cases may be required surgery Fusion – merging of bones. This method helps to eliminate the pain, but it may have difficulty with flexion of the joint, and it does not allow, for example, wearing high-heeled shoes.


Hammer toe. Halyus valgus may also affect other fingers deforming them, whereby they are constantly bent. This condition is known as hammer toe. In such a case the following treatments:


◊ Endoprosthesis – removal of deforming the connection between the phalanges, which leaves the joint flexible.
Arthrodesis – fusion spliced wherein phalanges, making them more stable, but in this case the joint becomes less mobile.


Both procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and take about an hour. Sutures are removed about two to three weeks after surgery, and within two to six weeks after that will need to wear a bandage.



Synovitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane) of the foot. In some forms of arthritis, such as rheumatoid. These small joints called the metatarsophalangeal joints, that undergo dislocation when arthritis. In such cases patient has pain and discomfort as when walking on gravel. If symptoms significantly expressed it may be necessary for operation of the metatarsal bone. Determination of surgical treatment depends on the degree of the problem after personal inspection.



Arthritis of the ankle. This disease is usually caused by osteoarthritis. Thus there is a depletion of the cartilage covering the bone edge. Gradually it becomes thin and rough, and the bone is compacted. It can also be caused by rheumatoid arthritis or injuries and accompanied by pain, swelling and sometimes joint deformity. In this case if strong pain may require one of three surgical treatment:


◊ Fusion – the removal of part of the damaged ankle and strengthening it with clamps. In this case diameter is growing new bone. Typically, this process takes place during 12-14 weeks, during which also strengthens bones. In some cases, this procedure could be performed by arthroscopy, through a small incision, without the joint opening, it takes one to two hours. After operation must wear a plaster for 6-12 weeks, depending on the situation. After such an operation can wear normal shoes.


◊ Triple Fusion – surgery is the combination of three joints (talonavicular, subtalar and the cuboid bone) for the treatment of arthritis in these joints or as a method of correcting the rigid deformity. When this combination is used plates, screws or staples. Complete fusion takes 12-14 weeks.


◊ Ankle Endoprosthesis – total ankle replacement, resulting in joint remains flexible (as opposed to fusion) . The procedure takes from one to two hours and requires a five-day hospitalization. For about six weeks patient will have to use crutches.



Damage to the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body and to bring in foot traffic on the shin muscle accounts for a large load. With age tendon wear which may lead to a painful swelling of the tendon within the core, or at the point of attachment to the metatarsal bone. In this case the operation is very rarely. But even with surgery this procedure takes one day, and after some time patient will need to wear a bandage and use crutches.



Morton neuroma. It is a painful condition of the nerves responsible for the sensitivity of the adjacent toes. Most often this disease affects third and fourth fingers. When acutely expressed pain usually shows an operation to remove the nerve. The procedure takes about an hour after it takes about 2 weeks to wear a bandage.



Tibialis dysfunction. Tibial back muscle is a muscle that supports the arch-shaped recovery. Sometimes there is an inflammation of the tendon, the quadriceps femoris which attaches to the bone causing pain and swelling in the inner surface of the ankle. Permanent swelling weakens the tendon that can cause the inability to perform its usual muscle function. In such cases surgery is sometimes required in order to restore the arch lift. In some cases to relieve pain and discomfort requires triple splice joints hind foot (Triple Fusion). Both operations take one to two hours, after which patient must wear a plaster cast for 6-12 weeks.



Plantar fasciitis. Fascia is a tough band of fibrous tissue that starts in the heel bone and stretches across the entire sole of the foot, to its fingers. Sometimes fascia inflates, usually in the area under the heel, it is called plantar fasciitis. Very rarely bad cases may need surgery to release the plantar fascia from the heel bone. Operation may require one day of hospitalization and wearing a bandage for a few weeks.

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