Dr. Igo Goldberg, MD

Igo Goldberg

Senior Surgeon, Hand surgery Department, Assuta Hospital, N.a.r.a Medical Center

Hand Surgery Department, Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center.





1968-1974 – Medical School University of Bologna, Italy.
1974 -1975 – Internship, Hasharon Hospital, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
1976 – Medical Officers Training in the Israeli Defense Forces.
1984 – Diploma in Orthopedics.
1985 – Graduated – Orthopedic Surgeon.
1989 – Master in Orthopedics, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
1992 – Graduated – Hand Surgeon.

Postgraduate course in Orthopedic Surgery, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Basic Sciences, Department of Anatomy, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Studies Continuing Education.


1974-1975 Hasharon Hospital, Petach – Tikva
1975-1978 Yoseftal Hospital, Eilat
1979-2000 Beilinson Hospital, Petah – Tikva
2001 – Beit Hillel Yaffe
2002 independent physician, Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center


Positions and Appointments:
1998-2000 Director of Hand Surgery Unit, Beilinson Hospital, Petah – Tikva
2000-2001 Director of Hand Surgery Unit, Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Hadera

2004 – Unit Manager for Hand Surgery, Laniado Hospital

Chairman of the Israel Society for Hand Surgery


Academic Experience:

1979 – 1981 – Instructor in the Beilinson School for Nursing in Orthopedic Surgery, and instructor of medical students in Orthopedic Surgery, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
1984,1985,1991 – Tutor of Students in Orthopedics, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel
1985 – Lecturer in Orthopaedics, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Since 1987 – Lecturer in postgraduate course in Orthopedic Surgery, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Since 1987 – Visiting Fellow, Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota, USA with Dr . Coffield, Dr. Morrey and Dr . Linsheid.
1988 – Senior lecturer in Orthopedics, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
1993 – Senior lecturer in Postgraduate Course in Orthopedic Surgery, Tel Aviv University.
1993 – 1998 – Instructor of medical students in Orthopedics. Instructor in operating room courses for nurses.


Clinical Experience:

1975 – 1976 – General Surgery, Hasharon Hospital, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
1976 – 1979 – Residency in Orthopedics, Josephtal Medical Center, Eilat, Israel.
1979 – 1985 – Resident in Orthopedics, including: general surgery, plastic surgery, chest surgery, neurosurgery, Intensive Care Unit, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
1981 – “Operative Treatment of Fractures Theoretical Basis and Practical Principles”, advanced course organized by ASIF in Jerusalem.
1982 – Course in “Emergency Medicine” held at Tel Hashomer Hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel.
1982 – Six months training in hand surgery with Prof . Kessler, Kaplan Hospital, Rehovot, Israel.
1985 – Workshop in Microsurgery held in Tel Hashomer Hospital, with Dr . Guy Foucher from Strasbourg, France
Since 1985 – Senior surgeon, Department of Orthopedics, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
1986 – Twelve months training in microsurgery with B. Mc O’Brien, St.Vincent ‘ s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.
1986 – AO Basic Course June 3-6, Cape Town, South Africa.
1987 – Six-month training in hand surgery and brachial plexus surgery, Department of Orthopedics, with Prof.Heywood, Cape Town, South Africa.1989-2000: Chief, Hand and Microsurgery Unit, Department of  orthopedics, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
2000 – 2001 – Chief, Hand Surgery Unit, Department of Orthopedics, Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Hadera, Israel
1989 – Organization of workshop in microsurgery, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
1990 – Workshop in wrist arthroscopy, American Society for Surgery of the Hand , Orlando, Florida. USA.
1991, 1998 – Organization of workshop in Microsurgery, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.
1998 – Clinical fellowship in reconstruction of the hand in quadriplegia with Dr . G. Soreman, Melbourne, Australia.
Active participation in scientific conferences

1980 – Israel Surgical Society Meeting, Haifa, Israel.
1985 – Pediatric Orthopedic Club Meeting, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1985 – Orthopedic Society Meeting, Jerusalem, Israel.
1987 – Israel Orthopedic Society Annual Meeting.
1988 – Annual Meeting of Israeli Physiotherapy Society, Wingate Institute, Natanya, Israel.
1988 – American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) Annual Meeting, Baltimore, USA.
1989 – 5th International Jerusalem Symposium on Sports Injuries, Jerusalem, Israel.
1989 – Israel Medical Week, MEDAX Orthopedic Society, Jerusalem, Israel.
1990 – American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada.
1991 -Pediatric Orthopedic Club Meeting, Meir Hospital, Kfar Saba, Israel.

1991 – Israeli Hand Surgery Society Annual Meeting.
1992 – International Society for Surgery of the Hand (ISSH) Meeting, Paris, France.
1993 – International Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery Meeting, Vienna, Austria.
1996 – Combined Anglo- Hellenic Hand and Microsurgery Meeting, Crete, Greece.
1997 – Combined Hellenic and Israeli Society for Surgery of the Hand Meeting, Karpenissi, Greece.
1999 – Israeli Society for Surgery of the Hand, Annual Meeting, Assaf Harofe Hospital, Israel.
2000 – Combined Hellenic and Israeli society for Surgery of The Hand meeting, Jerusalem, Israel.
2001 – International Hand Surgery meeting, Miedzyzdroje, Poland



Mentor of graduate works:

1978 : Haim Stolovitch – The surgical treatment of femoral fractures and internal fixation with intramedullary Kuntscher nail without reaming. Josephtal Hospital, University of Beer Sheva, Israel.

1990: L.Rosen R. Shahar – The functional results after tendon interpositional arthroplasty vs. silicon implants for trapezio-metacarpal osteoarthrosis.Tel Aviv University, School of Physiotherapy, Israel

1999: I.Assa – Alterations in the carrying angle of the elbow resulting from the supracondylar osteotomy with varying degrees of varus / valgus and internal / external rotation of the distal fragment: a cadaver model.


Memberships and associations:

Israeli Medical Association
Israeli Orthopedic Association
Israeli Society for Surgery of the Hand
International Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand
Past President of the Israeli Society for Surgery of the Hand .
European Wrist Arthroscopy Association.



The latest modern hand reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Goldberg:


Patient 21 years old lady had a hands injury in her childhood, that were both burned and electrocuted, especially the left hand.
Due to reconstructive surgery was returned the natural normal look of the finger that includes all the sense abilities and normal function of the hand. Before the operation the patient was enable to hold objects such as glass or a pencil, and after the operation full capability was restored.


Before surgery



After surgery


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