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Doctor Eli Rosenbaum



Modern treatment of bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.



Dr Eli Rozenbaum

Head of Urological Oncology Department, Davidoff Center, Rabin Hospital.


Private Practice at Assuta and Uromedic Center.


Specialty: bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.


Education and training :

* Graduate School of Medicine at the Hebrew University, Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital

* Internship 1995 Shaare Zedek Hospital, Jerusalem

* From 1996 to 2001 – specialization in oncology and radiotherapy, Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital

* Internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore (center is considered one of the leading in the world in urological oncology in general and prostate cancer in particular) .


A year after returning to Israel Dr. Rosenbaum was appointed director of the department urological oncology, medical center Rabin – Davidoff Center.


To date Dr. Rosenbaum has published more than 30 articles in the medical literature and the leading magazines in the world.


Dr. Eli Rosenbaum is a member of the Union of Oncology and oncourology National Committee in Israel and abroad.


Dr. Rosenbaum is also head of a large number of clinical trials in the treatment of prostate, bladder and kidney Beilinson Hospital, as well as a partner in international studies




Prostate Cancer Treatment:

• Advice if necessary radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy.
• Combination of hormonal therapy and radiotherapy at different stages of the disease.
• Therapeutic decisions in cases of growth of PSA following surgery or radiation.
• Therapy for metastatic prostate cancer (hormone therapy, chemotherapy etc.).


Bladder Cancer: 

• Decisions on the need for adjuvant chemotherapy or assistance before or after surgery to remove the bladder.

• Treatment options for preserving bladder.
• Therapeutic decisions for metastatic bladder cancer.


Kidney cancer:

• Treatment of metastatic kidney cancer.


Testicular cancer:

• Consultation regarding the need for treatment and additional treatment after orchiectomy.
• Therapeutic decisions in patients with metastatic testicular cancer.



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♦ Surgery using a robot or laparoscope in Israel allows to remove the tumor while preserving the kidney. ⇒ Read more



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