Breast cancer: 3 important findings to prevent metastases

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The breast cancer disease takes second place on world statistics, and it is dangerous not only by the occurrence rates, but also further development of metastases. New research in comprehensive cancer studying was initiated in Lineberger Center at University Northern Carolina. In this research was found genetic key with an explanation how breast cancer appear and spread.


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The Journal of Clinical Investigation published the analysis of scientific geneticists who studied a difference between primary, diagnosed for the first time breast cancer and its metastases. The understanding of development of secondary cancer as researchers consider, will allow to explain cancer emergence. Insight into an essence of these processes opens new opportunities for oncologists on treatment and prevent to develop a metastatic breast cancer.



Finding One: Metastases are different


According to Marni Siegel, original author of a research and graduate student at University of Northern Carolina, despite all complexity of the standing task, scientists could make tumor images at different stages, and monitored evolution of cancer cells. By means of the samples received according to the donation and cancer tissue studying program. It was analyzed DNA and gene expression models in 16 patients. The main finding was in the fact that not a cancer cell extends out of primary tumor, but some of their combination, and also have different driving genes. There are not similarity between metastatic cancer in distant organs and primary breast tumor.


From here it is possible to make a conclusion that as metastases of cancer have different working genes, and primary tumor should be medicated by not one drug, but different ones for effective therapy achievement. And for this purpose it is required to change the existing approaches in treatment. It allows to pass from the standard cure protocols to personalized or precision medicine, based on molecular tumor profile study (genetic analysis).



Finding Two: Primary cancer defines a metastatic aggression


Other important finding was that the genetic changes defining a tumor oncogenicity arise in primary tumor and contain in metastases. Charles M. of Perou, professor of molecular oncology and genetics, tells the following: “It is not obligatory for cancer to gain new features in order to spread because the genes which are responsible for initial developing of cancer are responsible also for its distribution out of tumor limits”.


Treatment which the research can offer is the primary tumor impact to prevent further spread. Carrying out the deep analysis of primary tumor and understanding of elements which more or less dangerous, will allow not to worry about pointed search of each metastases and for looking of the corresponding treatment any more.


Researchers also revealed a repetition of genetic anomaly, called a сору number alteration, at both types of cells. A сору number alteration – when are a duplication of DNA section presented. Found genes in cells are responsible for a hyperactive metabolism because the tumor is cut off from circulatory blood and it needs to find other ways of adaptation.



Finding Three: Metastatic cancer differ in different body places


It is necessary to notice that despite relationship on driving genes of primary tumor and metastases, cancer which extended in different organs or places differs from each other. According to coauthor Cari Anders, doctor of medicine and the director of the Center of breast cancer at UNC, this explains why despite a treatment of a different cancer type using identical therapy, for example, for at lung cancer with positive response, a liver cancer continues to develop. Everything indicates that mechanisms of cancer protection differ and depend on body location. The understanding that everything makes a start from primary tumor is a key to improvement of treatment and prevention of metastatic cancer development.


You can learn about the existing oncotests which allow to choose necessary treatment for you on the basis of primary tumor samples or metastases profile. Also you can get a second opinion of the experienced Israeli worldwide known oncologists.



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