Orthopedist consultation online

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Online consultation of Israeli orthopedists via Skype or Zoom is suitable for those who are not able to come to Israel or want to consult a doctor before the trip.


Our patients sometimes face difficulties, there may be doubts about the diagnosis and treatment method. Many patients also want to know the opinion of an experienced orthopedist about whether surgery is necessary and how urgent it is, whether it is possible not to hurry and postpone it for a while.

These may be other questions:

  • long-term pain in tendons, muscles or systems;
    chronic pain in the back, knees or shoulders;
    sprains, strains and injuries;
    systemic problems (for example, arthritis);
    congenital diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
    degenerative diseases (for example, osteoporosis);
    swelling of the bones.

Many people believe that the only solution to their problems is medication. They may also have never wondered if they need an orthopedic consultation. But the sooner you get advice from an experienced orthopedist about your problem, the sooner you will be able to make a decision about treatment and start getting rid of the problem.

Timely treatment helps to ensure that the disease does not progress to a more serious stage. During the consultation with our orthopedist you will be able to understand the cause of the disease, get treatment options and decide on further actions. You will also be able to get advice on pain relief, medication recommendations and / or injections, as well as rehabilitation procedures and physiotherapy.

We coordinate an online consultation, where you can ask the orthopedist all your questions.

Please not, that there are particular cases when consultation online is impossible. For example, when medical solution extremely depends on physical examination and not only MRI or CT review. Please contact us in order to learn if there is an online option in your case.

Our orthopedists are daily practicing surgeons, Heads of departments and senior doctors of leading Israeli clinics.


Orthopedist consultation online


Online consultation

Dr. Gideon Burstein

Senior physician of the orthopedics department Sheba Medical Center.

Hip, knee, ankle joints. Reconstructive surgery, sports trauma and arthroscopy. 


Orthopedist consultation online


Online consultation

Dr. Eran Maman 

Head of orthopedic department surgery, shoulder joint

Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov).


Orthopedist consultation online


Online consultation

Dr. Alon Friedlander

Head of the Neurosurgery Unit – back and spine, Sheba Medical Center, Tel-ha-Shomer.


Orthopedist consultation online


Online consultation

Dr. Lior Paz

Senior orthopedic surgeon, Beilinson (Rabin Medical Center) and children’s hospital Schneider. Surgery of the wrist and elbow joint.


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For a consultation online, please provide:

1. Detailed history of your illness.
2. MRI / CT / X-ray images (download the large files on one of websites: www.wetransfer.com, www.dropbox.com, www.mail.ru) and send us a link.
3. Be sure to specify your age and describe your subjective feelings at the moment (pain, discomfort, etc.)

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We will promptly coordinate a doctor consultation and medical treatment in Israel.
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