Best Orthopedists of Israel 2022 – Forbes Ranking

Best orthopedists in Israel 2022 - Forbes

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in 2022 Forbes was interviewing medical staff – Israeli doctors, professor, heads and directors of Units and Departments. This was held in the largest clinics and medical centers, such as Sheba, Assuta, Ichilov, Beilinson and others, where Forbes asked doctors for recommendations in their own and related fields, except narrow subspecialty.

Below you can see the list of the best Israeli orthopedists and orthopedics surgeons in the central area of Israel in 2022 according to the current Forbes ranking.

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Best Orthopedists of Israel 2022

Oncological Orthopedics

Prof. Bickels Jakob – Unit Director of oncological orthopedics department, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Specialist in orthopedic surgery and oncological orthopedics for the treatment of metastatic bone disease.

Dr. Dadia Shlomo –  General Manager in Surgical Innovation Unit, Senior Director of  Orthopedics Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Orthopedics specialist with the emphasis on the subspecialties: oncological orthopedics and joint, knee and hip replacements.

Dr. Weiss Israel – Senior physician in Oncology Department, Beilinson Hospital. Specialist on Oncological Orthopedics.

Dr. Lieberman Boaz –Director of oncological Orthopedics Unit, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Oncological orthopedics, hip and knee orthopedics.

Dr. Sternheim Amir – Director  of Oncology Orthopedics Department, Ichilov. Treatment of soft tissue tumors (muscle cells, fat cells, nerves and blood vessel walls), bone tumors (tumors that originate in bone and replace the healthy bone tissue with tumor cells), bone metastases (tumor resulting from cancer cells that have spread to the bone from a primary tumor).


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Trauma and fracture treatment

Prof. Khoury Amal – Director of Orthopedics division, Tel Aviv Medical Center  – Ichilov. Treatment of fractures and fracture complications, reconstructive surgery, orthopedic trauma.

Dr. Kish Binyamin – Deputy Director of  Orthopedic Department, Manager of Orthopedic trauma center, Meir Medical Center. Specialist in fractures of the upper limbs and lower limbs, performs repeated surgeries to repair fractures that have fixed or connected in an abnormal position, repairing torn tendons. 


Joint surgery – knee and hip specialist in Israel 2022

Prof. Agar Gabriel – Head of department, orthopedic specialist in sports injuries, arthroscopy, joints and cartilages healing, Shamir Hospital – Assaf). Knee surgery, meniscus replacement procedure.

Dr. Arbel Ron – Former Director of Sports medicine Service, medical center Tel Aviv – Ichilov), orthopedic surgery specialist in knee and ankle, sports medicine, Ramat Aviv Medical Center. Orthokine, PRP platelet-rich serum, meniscus tear, cartilage erosion, anterior cruciate ligament, tennis elbow, golf elbow, Achilles tendon, treatment of patellar joint diseases, hyaluronic acid for joint inflammation, arthroscopic joint surgery.

Dr. Benkowitz Vadim –  Founder of Yonatan  Center for Joint and Back Health, Assuta Ramat Hospital. Director of the transplant Unit for Arthritis. Soroka Medical Center. Knee replacement, hip replacement.

Dr. Bar-Ziv Yaron –  Service Manager of joint replacement, Shamir hospital – Assaf Harofeh. Hip replacement with the front approach – an advanced method, knee replacement with the kinematic method, partial replacement of the knee joint (unicondylar / unicompartmental knee replacement), cartilage treatment, pain in the knees treatment.

Dr. Gold Aviram – Senior Deputy Director of Orthopedic Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Treatment of osteoarthritis, total and partial knee replacement, robotic surgery for knee replacement, wear of the hip joint, hip joint replacement.

Prof. Debi Ronen –  The leading surgeon specialized in hip replacement procedure with an anterior approach, kinematic knee replacement surgery, advanced technologies and rapid rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery, PRP treatment, customized joint replacement surgery, Barzilai Medical Center.

Prof. Dekal Shmuel – Head of Advanced Orthopedics center, Asuta Ramat Hay’al Hospital. Partial knee replacement, hip replacement, bone connection treatment, use of botox to treat anterior knee pain.

Prof. Drexler Michael – Director of Orthopedic Department, Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital. Knee replacement surgery with the help of a robotic arm, hip replacement surgery with the help of a robotic arm.

Dr. Lindner Dror – Israeli Society Secretary for Knee Surgery Arthroscopy, Senior doctor in the Sports Injury Unit, Expert of arthroscopic surgeries in Orthopedic Department, deputy Head of Orthopedics Department, Shamir Asaf Hospital. Chief physician of Maccabi Tel Aviv – football team.

Dr. Menachem Aharon – Former Unit Director of joint replacements in the Orthopedics division, Tel Aviv medical center, Ichilov.  Specialist in orthopedic surgery, knee and hip joint replacements, primary joint replacements, revision surgeries.

Dr. Peskin Bezalel – Unit Manager of Knee and Arthroscopy, Rambam Medical Center. Knee arthroscopy, cruciate ligament, patella surgery in the knee for patella dislocation treatment, limb axis change (HTO), knee joint replacement, PRP injections method.

Dr. Stern Avi –  Former deputy Director of Orthopedic Department, Meir Medical Center. Knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgeries.

Dr. Snir Nimrod –  General Manager of Joint replacement Unit for knee and hip, Orthopedic Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Orthopedic specialist for knee and hip replacement, sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery, conservative and surgical treatments for cartilage injuries, partial knee replacement, knee replacement navigation / robotics, ankle surgeries, cruciate ligament reconstruction, patella dislocation surgeries.


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Hand surgery experts 2022

Dr. Avisher Erez – Expert in the upper limb surgery, diseases and injuries of hand, wrist, forearm and elbow, Director of the Hand Surgery Unit, Shamir Hospital – Assaf Harofeh. Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, surgery to investigate nerves in the upper limb, nerve transplant and nerve transfer surgeries in the upper limb, surgery for suturing and reconstruction of tendons, trigger finger, replacement of fingers, wrist, base of thumb and elbow, arthroscopy for the wrist joint, fixation of fractures in fingers and wrist bones, bone scaphoid (scapular bone fixation), fixation of fractures in the distal radius, fixation of fractures in the forearm, elbow and arm, excision of tumors in the upper limb, correction of congenital defects.

Dr. Hutt Dan – Head of the hand surgery and microsurgery unit, Rambam medical center. Specialist in a variety of surgeries related to the hand, starting with trauma surgeries, fractures, tendon tears, through surgeries to restore function in the hand, as well as a host of diseases and problems related to the upper limb, including degenerative diseases and joint replacement. Dr Hutt is also engaged in providing medical opinions and is appointed by the courts as an arbitrator in cases related to his field of expertise.

Dr. Yaniv Yona –   Senior Specialist of hand surgery, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). Former Director of Hand Surgery Department, Sheba Medical Center. Treatment of trauma, mainly of the wrist, palm and fingers – bony and soft tissues, sports injuries of fingers, wrist, forearm and elbow, wrist and elbow arthroscopies. Paralysis of different types – peripheral nerves – suturing, release and tendon transfers. Tendon transfers for cerebral palsy, various diseases of the upper limb, correction of birth defects.

Dr. Yaffe David – Unit Director of hand surgery, Wolfson medical center. Specialist in orthopedics, arthroscopy hand and elbow, sports medicine, surgery of the hand, surgery of hand – shoulder-upper limb.

Dr. Lieberman Avidov – Senior Specialist physician  in the Hand Surgery Department, Sheba medical center,  Tel Hashomer. Specialist for hand, forearm and elbow surgeries. Hand trauma treatment – suturing nerves and tendons, repair of fractures in the fingers of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow (implants and prostheses), performing wrist and elbow replacement.

Dr. Pelati Ram –  Deputy Head of Hand surgery Department, Sheba Medical Center  –  Tel ha Shomer. Hand, wrist and elbow surgery, injury of tendons, nerves and fractures in the upper limb (except shoulder), sports injuries, repair of congenital defects in the upper limbs, plastic surgery of the hand, providing medical-legal opinion, microsurgery.

Dr. Pritsch Tamir – Director of Hand Surgery Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Treatment of upper limb injuries in children including fractures, injuries to tendons, nerves and blood vessels, congenital defects and congenital and developmental problems of the upper limbs, with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular (nerve/muscle) problems, treatment of multiple exostosis and deformities of various types. Treatment of trauma (injuries) in adults – fractures in the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow, repair and recovery of tendon injuries, transplantation of fingers and hands in cases of amputation, treatment of problems of missing connection of the bones of the upper limb, complex bone and soft tissue reconstructions including the use of free hangers, arthroscopic and open surgeries, upper extremity infections treatment.

Dr. Yanko-Arzi Roit – Limb reconstructions and microsurgery department of plastic surgery, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Expert in plastic and aesthetic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery and Mohs surgeries for skin tumors. Senior doctor in the department of plastic surgery in Ichilov, director of Mohs-plastic surgeries and ENT reconstructions, limb reconstructions and neurosurgical reconstructions.

Dr. Yaffe Batia – Senior physician in the hand surgery department and microsurgery Unit, Sheba medical center, Tel ha Shomer. Plastic and aesthetic surgeries, reconstructive surgeries and hand surgeries, facelift, eyelid lifting, microsurgery.


Foot and ankle treatment

Dr. Cohen Zvi –  Specialist in Orthopedics, Senior doctor of the surgery Unit of the foot and ankle, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in hallux valgus (bulging bone), open reduction of a foot fracture with internal fixation.

Prof. Nof Mati – Ankle and foot Specialist orthopedist, experienced doctor for a diabetic foot, Shaare Zedek medical center. Orthopedist specializing in foot and ankle surgeries, including, among other things, minimally invasive surgeries and a complete ankle replacement, provides medical advice, medical opinions for the courts, second opinions, disability assessments and post-surgery audits.

Dr. Elias Shlomo  – Head of Foot and ankle Unit in Orthopedics Department, Assuta Ashdod public hospital. Specialist in Hallux valgus, deformity of the little toes, flat feet (“flatfoot”), diseases and injuries in the sesamoid bones, plantar fasciitis (heel spur), high arch – pes cavus, ankle fractures, ankle ligament reconstruction, Achilles tendon rupture, tendon fracture/rupture.

Dr. Bruck Natan – Nuni – Director of ankle and foot surgery unit, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Specialist in Hallux Valgus, “prominent bone” – hallux valgus, hammer finger, Morton neuroma, pain in the pads of the feet, arthritis of the base of the toe, warts on the bottom of the foot, sesamoiditis, flatfoot, fractures of the midfoot, stress fractures, arthritis of the midfoot, porcupine, Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tendon rupture, recurrent sprains of the ankle, sprained ankle, ankle fracture, arthritis of the ankle.

Dr. Tenenbaum Shay – Senior orthopedist in the orthopedic surgery Unit, foot and ankle surgery specialist, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Expert in treatment of hammer finger, hallux valgus / “bulging bone”, heel pain in children, neuroma by Morton, damage to the sesamoid bones (inflammation / fracture / AVN) plantar fasciitis / spur, chronic instability of the ankle, Achilles tendonitis, sprain of the ankle joint, ankle cartilage injury, Achilles tendon rupture, ankle fracture, impingement syndrome in the ankle joint, sport injuries, platelet rich plasma (PRP), Achilles tendonitis, sprain of the ankle joint, ankle cartilage injury.

Dr. Luger Elchanan – Head of Orthopedic surgery division in palm, foot and ankle, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in orthopedic surgery, foot and ankle surgeries.

Prof. Niska Meir – Former Director of Orthopedics Department, Meir medical center. Experienced specialist in ankle and foot surgery, biomechanics of the ankle and foot, sports injuries in the ankle and foot.

Dr. Schindler Amos – Manager of the professional pediatric Orthopedics Unit,  Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Specialist on clubfoot treatment using the PONSETI method, providing a medical opinion to the court in the field of orthopedics, specialist in the treatment of scoliosis in adolescents, prenatal consultation regarding disorders and skeletal defects detected in newborns in an ultrasound scan


Shoulder and elbow treatment

Prof. Maman Eran – Director of shoulder orthopedics unit, Orthopedic Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist on arthroscopy surgery, shoulder joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Moses Gabriel –  Expert in orthopedic surgery for shoulder and elbow surgery, Medical Director of Advanced Orthopedics Center, Assuta hospital. Performs, among other things, shoulder ligament reconstruction, joint replacements, shoulder surgery, shoulder arthroscopy and other procedures.

Dr. Rosenblatt Yishai – Manager of elbow surgeries unit, orthopedic division, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in elbow replacements (full/partial), replacement/repair of radius heads, arthroscopy of elbow and wrist, trauma surgeries and fracture repair of the elbow, wrist and fingers, reconstructive surgeries of the elbow, wrist and fingers, surgeries to release nerves around the elbow and in the hand (ulnar nerve, median nerve), trigger fingers, carpal tunnel, decarvin, Dupitren, repair and restoration of tendons in the elbow (distal biceps/triceps) and the palm, treatment of sports injuries in the elbows: reconstruction of ligaments, tennis/golf elbow, instability, tears of biceps tendon.

Dr. Oren Ariel – Head of shoulder orthopedics unit, Sheba Medical Center – Tel Hashomer. Specialist in arthroscopic and open shoulder surgeries, shoulder diseases and injuries, second opinion.

Prof. Eton Ehud – Specialist in shoulder surgery and sports medicine, Barzilai Medical Center. Expert in rotator cuff tears, combined biological therapy, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair with anchors, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair without anchors, absorbable balloon implantation to treat rotator cuff tears, reverse shoulder replacement, frozen shoulder (capsulitis), anterior shoulder dislocation, shoulder calcifications, grip damage repair of the long head of the biceps tendon.

Dr. Goldstein Yariv – Manager of shoulder unit in the Orthopedic Department, Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital. Specialist in shoulder joint replacement, repairing tears in the shoulder tendons, instability fix, balloon surgery, treatment of shoulder fractures, treatment of sports injuries, SLAP and LHB Tenodesis, dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint, ultrasound, treatment with platelet-rich plasma.

Dr. Lubenberg Mark – Senior physician for shoulder and elbow surgery, Beilinson hospital. Specialist in shoulder and elbow surgery, arthroscopy surgery, shoulder joint replacement.

Prof. Levi Ofer – Consultant and Orthopedic surgeon, Berkshire independent hospital, England and Herzliya Medical Center. Specialist in arthroscopic (minimally invasive) surgeries of the shoulder and elbow, shoulder and elbow reconstruction / replacement surgeries, tendon tear repair, shoulder dislocations and instability, fractures and sports injuries, arthritis and degenerative conditions in the shoulder and elbow, shoulder and elbow problems in children.

Dr. Rak Ofer – Senior physician in the shoulder surgery Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov. Specialist in shoulder arthroscopies, instability fixes, tendon repairs, fixation of shoulder fractures, joint replacements in the shoulder including full replacements due to fractures.

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Sports medicine

Dr. Burstein Gideon – Head of Unit for joint replacement, Sheba medical center –  Tel Hashomer. Experienced specialist in knee joint replacement, partial knee replacement, innovations in knee joint replacement, rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery, hip replacement, the anterior approach and other approaches in hip replacement, rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery, anterior cruciate reconstruction, meniscus and meniscal injuries, patella dislocation, Orthokine – an innovative treatment for knee injuries, treatment that stops the deterioration of the cartilage.

Dr. Becker Tali – Senior physician in Orthopedics Unit, Director of the clinic for sports injuries in children, Schneider Pediatrics Center. Specialist in orthopedic problems in children, sports injuries, knee injuries.

Dr. Iftach Hetsroni –  Expert in orthopedic surgery for sport injuries and arthroscopic surgery, Meir Medical Center. Specialist on femoral impingement syndrome diagnosis and treatment, crescent tear of the knee (tear in the meniscus), meniscus transplant (knee joint transplant), anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, sports injuries in children, stress fractures treatment.

Dr. Morag Guy –  Head of the service for sports medicine, orthopedic division, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in sports medicine, arthroscopy surgery, treatment of injuries to the knee cartilage, reconstruction of the cruciate ligament, patella dislocation repair in the knee, tendon tear repair, PVNS surgery in the knee and hip, meniscus surgery, psiotomy surgery for compartment syndrome.

Prof. Rat Ehud –  Head of Unit for minimally invasive Orthopedics, Orthopedic Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in hip joint pain treatment, tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament, arthroscopy of the knee, patellar instability, tear in the meniscus, meniscus root tear repair, degenerative disease of the knee joint, shoulder dislocations, shoulder replacement surgery, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, twisted sleeve, shoulder,  impingement syndrome, ankle arthroscopy, PRP injections treatment.

Dr. Thien Ran –  Director of trauma service for Sports and Arthroscopy, Sheba Medical Center –  Tel Hashomer. Specialist in injury in children, general pains treatment, symphysiolysis and pelvic pain in pregnancy, sports injuries in children and youth, orthopedic traumas and diseases, injury to the knee, shoulder or hip, trauma surgeries, shoulder dislocation – surgeries for shoulder stability, shoulder tear – surgery to repair the tendons, labrum tear and latch syndrome, surgery to stabilize the kneecap, cruciate ligament injuries in the knee and lateral ligaments, meniscus tear – meniscus transplant, the ironic shot, PRP injections, Orthokine injections, sports trauma, ankle stability surgeries, chronic compartment syndrome.



Dr. Shazar Nachshon –  Head of the Unit for orthopedic trauma, a Senior doctor in Orthopedic Department,  Sheba Medical Center,  Tel Hashomer

Prof. Steinberg Eli –  Senior manager of the orthopedic division, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Fractures around the hip joint, fractures of the femur and tibia, intra-articular fractures, pelvis and acetabulum fractures, non-union of the fractures, wrist fractures, complications treatment.

Prof. Chechik Ofir –  Deputy Director for teaching and research in Orthopedics division, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in shoulder and knee treatment.


Best Spine Surgeons of Israel 2022

Dr. Ohana Nissim –   Expert in backbone surgery, Meir Medical Center. Specialist in diseases of the spine, spinal tumors – primary and metastatic, cervical disc and deformities of the cervical spine and complex deformities of the spine. Back and spine treatments, fixations in the spine, lumbar, cervical spine fixation surgery, discectomy and myncectomy, scoliosis surgery.

Dr. Yoram Ankstein –  Head of Orthopedics Department, Shamir Hospital. Specialist insSurgery to correct scoliosis and kyphosis in adolescents and youth, lumbar spine motion preservation surgery, microdiscectomy, growth bar surgery for the treatment of scoliosis in children up to the age of 10, release of the moderate spinal canal, laminectomy, spinal deformities in adults, sagittal imbalance, adult scoliosis, posterior spinal fusion / TLIF, surgeries to fix the cervical spine with an anterior approach, fixation of fractures in the spine using a posterior approach, an anterior approach or a less invasive approach, surgeries to release the cervical spinal canal with a posterior approach, laminoplasty, VBT surgery to correct scoliosis in children while preserving growth and movement, excision of tumors and reconstruction of vertebrae in the cervical, dorsal and lumbar spine.

Dr. Arzi Harel – Head of Unit for Spine diseases in children, Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Specialist in spine surgeries in adults and children.

Prof. Mirovsky Yigal – Specialist orthopedist,  Shamir hospital – Assaf Harofeh. Specialist in spine surgery.

Dr. Pekarsky Ilya –  Senior doctor in  Spine department, Meir Medical center. Specialist in back and spine treatments, fixations in the spine, lumbar and cervical spine fixation surgery, herniated disc surgery – discectomy, lumbar disc herniation, cervical disc herniation.

Dr. Alon Friedlander  – Director of Unit for spinal deformities, Sheba medical center –  Tel Hashomer. Specialist in spinal cord degeneration, bruises and fractures of the spine cord, benign and malignant tumors of the spine, congenital malformations, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, infections and instability of the spine, anterior and posterior fixations surgery to treat disk breakages, both minimally invasive and open techniques, scoliosis surgery in children and adolescents, surgery for primary and secondary tumors of the spine.

Dr. Regev Gilad –  Service Manager for minimally invasive spine surgeries, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in minimally invasive surgery for lumbar disc herniation, cervical disc herniation, for spinal stenosis, minimally invasive fixation surgery – MIS TLIF, DLIF / XLIF, AxiaLIF, conditional discectomy, spinal canal stenosis, spine fractures in old age, traumatic spine fractures treatment.


Children Orthopedics

Dr. Gorchak Yair – Managing Director of Children Oncology Orthopedics Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov. Specialist in treatment of orthopedic problems, oncological orthopedics, tumors of the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic surgeries in children, fracture surgeries, joints, orthopedic surgery, treatment of orthopedic trauma, bone and joint diseases, treatment of bone metastases, soft tissue tumors, sarcoma.

Dr. Danino Berry – Director of Pediatric Orthopedics Department, Dana Hospital, Ichilov. Specialist in pelvic and hip joint diseases in children, Perth’s disease (caused by a temporary impairment of the blood supply to the head of the femur), deformities in the lower limbs, congenital hip joint problems that appear immediately after birth or in the first weeks / months of life, limp (change in the walking pattern in children).

Dr. Weigel Dani – Director of Children Orthopedics Unit, Schneider Medical Center. Specialist in congenital disorders of hip joints, congenital deformities of lower limbs, neuromuscular problems including lower limb and upper limb cerebral palsy, congenital damage to the brachial plexus – Erb’s Palsy, contusions and injuries to the skeleton and the movement system, treatment of scoliosis, diagnosis and treatment of benign bone tumors, infectious diseases of the skeleton, developmental injuries in the hip joints, a medical opinion for the purpose of determining disability percentages for orthopedic problems in children and teenagers.

Prof. Shlomo Weintraub –  Head of the Multidisciplinary Center for congenital bone diseases and laboratory for the walking and movement study.

Dr. Zinger Menachem – Director of Pediatric Orthopedics Unit, Specialist in hip joints problems, different feet length and deformities in infants and children, Wolfson Medical Center.

Dr. Yaniv Moshe – Muki – Service Director for sports injuries in children and adolescents, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Specialist in arthroscopic surgeries of the knee in children and adolescents, ligament reconstructions, surgeries to stabilize patellar dislocation, cartilage injury treatment.

Dr. Lamdan Ron – Head of Pediatric Orthopedics Unit,  Asuta Ashdod public hospital

Prof. Ovadia Dror – Head of the Pediatric Orthopedics Department, Dana Duek Children’s hospital, Medical Center Tel Aviv, Ichilov. Specialist in trauma injuries, diseases and defects in the bone and muscle system, including deformities of the spine, problems and defects in the lower limbs and spine, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, asymmetry in the lower limbs, knee problems, treatment of children’s scoliosis and more.

Dr. Ezra Eli –  Orthopedics Expert. Former deputy Director of Pediatric Orthopedics Department, Ichilov

Dr. Kopilowitz Lionel – Specialist – physician in pediatric orthopedics, Beit Shamir Hospital  – Assaf Harofeh.

Dr. Segev Eithan – Senior Deputy Director of Pediatric Orthopedics Department, Service Director of the limbs deformity treatment, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov. Specializing in the correction of limb deformities and their lengthening.

Dr. Shitrit Reuven –Manager of Pediatric Orthopedics Unit, Shamir hospital, Assaf Harofeh. Specialist in orthopedic problems treatment in newborn, children and teenagers – developmental medicine, diseases of the hip joint (DDH), CLUBFOOT, limb deformities, neuromuscular diseases, fractures in children, infectious diseases of the skeleton, feet facing inward, growing pains, lameness in children, exposure to radiation, hip joint diseases (PERTHES), benign bone tumors, sports and exercise injuries, spine problems, arthritis, infectious diseases of the skeleton, diseases of the hip joint (SCFE).

Dr. Sherr Luria Nir – Senior physician in the Orthopedic Department, Sheba medical center Tel Hashomer


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