Artificial meniscus the NUsurface implant for knee treatment in Israel

Knee treatment with Implant NUsurface in Israel

Artificial meniscus NUsurface implant was developed in Israel, tested during 10 years in international clinical trials – SUN and VENUS, and this is primarily intended for young people from 30 to 65 years old. NUsurface implant performs a shock-absorbing function instead of a damaged or torn meniscus. Since November 2019, the NUsurface implant is available for international patients in Israel.

The meniscus is a cartilaginous stabilizing pad impregnated with synovial fluid. There are two menisci in the knee – external and internal, and their role is to reduce friction and protect the surface of the articular cavities from damage, excessive loads and restricted excessive mobility.

Dr. Gabriel Agar


Prof. Agar performs meniscus replacement procedure, that was approved in Israel in 2019.

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Meniscus damage can еven occur with a slight leg injury. Treatment can be conventional or surgical for a torn or damaged meniscus. It may be as follows:

  • physiotherapy
  • pain treatment
  • drug treatment as ointments or injections
  • arthroscopy
  • partial or complete meniscectomy (damaged meniscus removal)
  • meniscus implantation

According to recent studies, many patients still continue feeling pain in the knee after meniscectomy, which significantly affects their quality of life. In this case joint replacement surgery or arthroplasty is only a matter of time.


Indications for  the NUsurface implant

At complete replacement of the joint with an artificial analog or an endoprosthesis made from metal and plastic rehabilitation takes quite a long time.

At the same time, NUsurface Implant is ideally suited as an artificial medial meniscus for young patients aged 30 to 65 who experience knee pain and used all available options, but are not ready for radical surgery of the knee joint replacement or endoprosthetics.


The implantation procedure of an artificial meniscus NUsurface Implant

During arthroscopy, a special medical polycarbonate urethane is inserted into the knee joint through a small incision. It serves as its own meniscus instead of damaged or torn one. The NUsurface implant does not require fixation on soft or bone tissue, and it acts as a shock absorber under weights affecting  the knee joint.

The implant does not require a long time of recovery after minimally invasive surgery, and you can start walking on the same day.


The most effective treatment for knee pain from Active Implant LLC

NUsurface Implant artificial meniscus is currently the most effective treatment for pain. This has been proven by 10 years of long-term research in Israel, Europe and America.

The FDA has included this medical product in the Breakthrough Devices program, which accelerates the verification and approval of devices based on advanced technologies for patients who has life-threatening or irreversible conditions or diseases.

The NUsurface implant or artificial meniscus was invented at the R&D Research Center in Netanya, located in Israel. This is a division of the Active Implant company which develops a variety of orthopedic implants. These implants complement the natural biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system and help patients to maintain or return to an active lifestyle.

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