Leading Doctors for Hand and Wrist Treatment

Leading orthopedic doctors for wrist and hand in Israel

Israeli orthopedists have an extensive expertise in treating a range of conditions affecting the hand and wrist. Our team of specialists offers a variety of services, including:

  • Treatment of hand and wrist tendon and ligament issues: Skilled orthopedists use a range of methods, including conservative therapy such as physical therapy and exercises, as well as surgical treatments, to treat such conditions as tendinitis and ligament tears.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment: Our orthopedic specialists offer treatments for carpal tunnel, which may include conservative methods such as physical therapy and wearing special devices, as well as surgical options.
  • Arthritis and arthrosis treatment: Israeli doctors treat hand and wrist arthritis and arthrosis using methods such as physical therapy, medication, exercises, and surgical treatments such as endoprosthetics.
  • Treatment of hand and wrist deformities: Our team provides treatment for various hand and wrist deformities, including ganglion cyst and Dupuytren’s contracture, using both conservative methods such as injections and manipulative therapy, as well as surgical methods.
  • Hand and wrist reconstructive surgery in Israel: Our doctors are experienced in hand and wrist reconstructive surgery, using a range of surgical techniques to help restore function to the hand and wrist, such as bioengineering and bionic prostheses.
  • Treatment and surgery of other conditions such as:  trigger thumb or finger, de quervain’s tenosynovitis, colles fracture, hand injury, distal radius fracture, thumb pain, boxers fracture and others.


Israeli leading doctors for hand and wrist are highly experienced in treating complex fractures and inflammatory diseases of the hand and wrist, as well as conducting research in this area.

They are the managers and senior staff of the orthopedic departments at leading hospitals and medical centers in Israel.

If you need treatment for a hand or wrist condition, we can coordinate an appointment with one of our skilled orthopedists. Contact us to schedule a consultation or second opinion.

Please provide a detailed disease history, MRI/CT/X-ray scans of your hand or wrist. We will coordinate an online consultation, an in-person visit to the doctor, or we will arrange necessary tests and treatment in Israel.


Best orthopedists for hand and wrist treatment and surgery in Israel

Dr. Yshai Rosenblatt – Senior doctor in the Hand Surgery Department Medical Center, Tel – Aviv (Ichilov), Head of Hand and Elbow Department in Assuta.

Dr. Igo Goldberg – Senior Surgeon of Arms and Hand Surgery Department, Assuta Hospital. Independent surgical practice, Hand rehabilitation center, Israel.

Dr. Esther Rubinraut – Head of the hand & wrist unit at the Jonathan Orthopedic Center, Assuta.

Dr. Erez Avisher – Expert in the upper limb surgery, diseases and injuries of hand, wrist, forearm and elbow, Director of the Hand Surgery Unit, Shamir Hospital – Assaf Harofeh. Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, surgery to investigate nerves in the upper limb, nerve transplant and nerve transfer surgeries in the upper limb, surgery for suturing and reconstruction of tendons, trigger finger, replacement of fingers, wrist, base of thumb and elbow, arthroscopy for the wrist joint, fixation of fractures in fingers and wrist bones, bone scaphoid (scapular bone fixation), fixation of fractures in the distal radius, fixation of fractures in the forearm, elbow and arm, excision of tumors in the upper limb, correction of congenital defects.

Dr. Dan Hutt – Head of the hand surgery and microsurgery unit, Rambam medical center. Specialist in a variety of surgeries related to the hand, starting with trauma surgeries, fractures, tendon tears, through surgeries to restore function in the hand, as well as a host of diseases and problems related to the upper limb, including degenerative diseases and joint replacement. Dr Hutt is also engaged in providing medical opinions and is appointed by the courts as an arbitrator in cases related to his field of expertise.

Dr. Yona Yaniv –   Senior Specialist of hand surgery, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). Former Director of Hand Surgery Department, Sheba Medical Center. Treatment of trauma, mainly of the wrist, palm and fingers – bony and soft tissues, sports injuries of fingers, wrist, forearm and elbow, wrist and elbow arthroscopies. Paralysis of different types – peripheral nerves – suturing, release and tendon transfers. Tendon transfers for cerebral palsy, various diseases of the upper limb, correction of birth defects.

Dr. David Yaffe – Unit Director of hand surgery, Wolfson medical center. Specialist in orthopedics, arthroscopy hand and elbow, sports medicine, surgery of the hand, surgery of hand – shoulder-upper limb.

Dr. Avidov Lieberman – Senior Specialist physician  in the Hand Surgery Department, Sheba medical center,  Tel Hashomer. Specialist for hand, forearm and elbow surgeries. Hand trauma treatment – suturing nerves and tendons, repair of fractures in the fingers of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow (implants and prostheses), performing wrist and elbow replacement.

Dr. Ram Pelati –  Deputy Head of Hand surgery Department, Sheba Medical Center  –  Tel ha Shomer. Hand, wrist and elbow surgery, injury of tendons, nerves and fractures in the upper limb (except shoulder), sports injuries, repair of congenital defects in the upper limbs, plastic surgery of the hand, providing medical-legal opinion, microsurgery.

Dr. Tamir Pritsch – Director of Hand Surgery Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Treatment of upper limb injuries in children including fractures, injuries to tendons, nerves and blood vessels, congenital defects and congenital and developmental problems of the upper limbs, with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular (nerve/muscle) problems, treatment of multiple exostosis and deformities of various types. Treatment of trauma (injuries) in adults – fractures in the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow, repair and recovery of tendon injuries, transplantation of fingers and hands in cases of amputation, treatment of problems of missing connection of the bones of the upper limb, complex bone and soft tissue reconstructions including the use of free hangers, arthroscopic and open surgeries, upper extremity infections treatment.

Dr. Roit Yanko-Arzi – Limb reconstructions and microsurgery department of plastic surgery, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Expert in plastic and aesthetic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery and Mohs surgeries for skin tumors. Senior doctor in the department of plastic surgery in Ichilov, director of Mohs-plastic surgeries and ENT reconstructions, limb reconstructions and neurosurgical reconstructions.

Dr. Batia Yaffe – Senior physician in the hand surgery department and microsurgery Unit, Sheba medical center, Tel ha Shomer. Plastic and aesthetic surgeries, reconstructive surgeries and hand surgeries, facelift, eyelid lifting, microsurgery.

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