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Dear patients,


We provide consultations of leading Israeli cancer physicians and oncogenetic experts, via Internet, skype. Preliminary or second opinion remote consultations are needed in case you are not able to visit oncologist’s consultation in Israel, but you have questions.


As a rule, our patients apply for online consultation in cases when they can not come for health reasons, but they want to know the second opinion of the leading Israeli doctor about the treatment. Consultation is also necessary in case of complicated situations and when the proposed treatment methodology is not completely clear to the patient, or when the patient wants to receive progressive treatment that not yet available in his country, but already approved in Israel.


New methods of immunotherapy for cancer (immunological treatment) and biological treatment, since approved by the FDA are immediately available in Israel. Our oncologists can advise the patient online if immunotherapy is appropriate in his particular case, and which medications are needed.


Our patients also often face difficulties in diagnosing, determining the most effective method of treatment, clarifying the need / urgency of the operation or combining surgery with therapy (immuno-, bio-, chemo-, and radiotherapy). This issue can also be discussed on an online consultation with our oncologists.


Our surgeons-oncologists can answer questions about complex operations that are conducted in Israel with the help of the most advanced progressive technologies.


Online consultation is also recommended in case you are planning a trip to Israel for treatment. Such consultation gives an opportunity to get acquainted with your treating Israeli oncologist in advance, ask him questions before the trip personally, in order to understand better the process of diagnosis and treatment of your disease.


Online counseling is also recommended if you want to find out if precision (personalized) treatment suits you, which genetic (pharmacogenetic) tests you need to go through to compile a list of drugs that are suitable for treating only you and your tumor. The personalized approach, to date, is one of the progressive trends in Israeli oncology, which completely changes the approach to cancer treatment, expanding the range of options for your tumor treatment.


After the online consultation we will send you an official translation of the doctor’s opinion, we will help you to buy medicine in Israel and provide their delivery to your country.


Our oncologists are daily practicing surgeons, specialists in clinical oncology, heads of departments and senior doctors of leading Israeli hospitals.



All our oncologists


For online consultation, please provide:

1. The history of your illness, conclusions of doctors and test results.
2. PET CT / MRI / CT / etc.
2. MRI / CT / X-ray images (download the large files on one of the file-sharing services: www.wetransfer.com, www.dropbox.com, mail.ru) and send us a link.
3. Be sure to indicate age and describe your subjective feelings at the moment (pain, discomfort, etc.)


We will contact you in the next few hours and will be happy to help.



Call-Center for an appointment at leading doctors of Israel
Should you like to get a second opinion of a leading highly specialized Israeli doctor / surgeon on whether you are getting the proper treatment or there is more advanced treatment, including innovative surgery, immunotherapy, biological, targeted therapy, personalized treatment, etc., please feel free to contact us.
We will promptly coordinate an appointment and / or treatment in Israel. 

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ResultMed provides medical treatment coordination services for international patients.

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