In recent years, our doctors are increasingly applying treatment methods, focused on the genome of each patient. This approach is called precision treatment (personalized or precise medicine).


The purpose of precision methods lies the difference in the genetic set of each person, as well as the mutations of the disease.


Applying this type of treatment, our specialists rely not on statistical research data, but on the patient’s individual reactions and his illness to different types of medications.



Therapies types and action:


Chemotherapy acts on all quickly dividing both pathological and healthy cells.


Immunotherapy stimulates the patient’s immune system to destroy pathological cells. Some drugs recognize specific molecules on the surface of cancer cells, and others can communicate with immune cells to help them destroy malignant cells.


Targeted therapy neutralizes pathological cells or a tumor, affecting specific targets (changes in cells, mutations) involved in spreading the disease or causing tumor growth. Target therapy works only on cells containing these targets.


Hormone therapy uses drugs to block or lower hormone levels in the body to slow or stop the growth of certain types of diseases, for example, for some types of prostate cancer and hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer (HR +).


Proton therapy is considered the most advanced kind of radiation therapy. This is particularly useful in situations where treatment options are limited and conventional radiation therapy presents unacceptable risks to patients (eg, eye and brain cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung and breast cancer and childhood cancer) .


All types of therapy are used by Israeli doctors in the treatment of diseases in oncology, rheumatology, cardiology, orthopedics, infectious diseases, allergology and others.


To determine the effective drugs for each patient individually, which the disease will really respond to, Israeli doctors use molecular DNA tests of human tissue samples.


Molecular tests contribute to the development of a precision treatment strategy for each patient, which helps to avoid toxicity of inactive drugs, trial-and-error treatment, as well as to save valuable time, and in some cases, significantly prolong patient’s his life.



What are molecular genomic tests and why are they needed?


Progressive surgery technologies in Israel



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