Best Hip and Knee Surgeons in Israel

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below you can see information about the leading Israeli knee and hip doctors who have been on the Forbes doctor list of the best surgeons in Israel over the last years.

A narrow specialization allows Israeli doctors to focus and gain expertise on the problems of the knee and hip area in full, and provide you with professional highly qualified assistance in restoring the functions and appearance of the joints.

Knee surgeons and hip surgeons help our patients to solve such problems as: hip fracture and hip bursitis treatment, osteoarthritis treatment, tricompartmental osteoarthritis, bone on bone knee treatment, cartilage tear in knee, arthritis joint pain treatment, tear MCL treatment, and many others.

Leading Israel orthopedists for knee and hip surgery perform all kinds of routine and complex surgeries by using advanced technologies and approaches. Among them are partial total and partial joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery, robotic joint replacement surgery, meniscus tear surgery, ACL surgery, hip replacement surgery, hip dysplasia surgery, hip resurfacing surgery, hip preservation surgery and others.

You can easily get a doctor online consultation or a doctor second opinion from any orthopedic specialist on the list.

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Best Hip and Knee Surgeons in Israel

Gideon Burstein
Dr. Gideon Burstein – Senior Surgeon Orthopedics Department, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer. Expert in Hip and Knee Ortopedic Surgery. Experienced specialist in meniscus and meniscal injuries, patella dislocation, full and partial joint replacement innovations, rehabilitation after joint surgery intervention, the anterior approach and other approaches in hip replacement with further rehabilitation after surgery, anterior cruciate reconstruction. Specialist in Orthokine therapy – an innovative treatment for knee injuries and deterioration of the cartilage.


Dr. Gabriel Agar
Prof. Gabriel Agar– Expert in Knee and Shoulder surgery. Head of Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Medical Center Assaf ha Rofe. Knee surgery, meniscus replacement procedure Nusurface transplant.


Dr. Nachshon ShazarDr. Nachshon Shazar – Expert in orthopedic trauma and Hip treatment. Director of Orthopaedic and Traumatology Unit, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Specialist in ankle fracture treatment, hip replacement, knee fracture repair, fracture repair in the pelvic area, fracture repair of the tibia, heel bone fracture repair, nonunion fracture surgery, elbow and humerus fracture repair.


Dr. Arbel Ron
Dr. Arbel Ron – Former Head of Sports medicine Service, medical center Tel Aviv, Ichilov. Specialist in orthopedic surgery – knee and ankle, sports medicine, Ramat Aviv Medical Center. Orthokine, PRP platelet-rich serum therapy, meniscus tear, cartilage erosion, anterior cruciate ligament, treatment of patellar joint diseases, joint inflammation with hyaluronic acid, arthroscopic joint surgery.


Dr. Benkowitz Vadim
Dr. Benkowitz Vadim –  Founder of Yonatan Center for Joint and Back Health, Assuta Hospital. Director of the transplant Unit for Arthritis. Soroka Medical Center. Specialist in jont replacement.


Dr. Bar-Ziv YaronDr. Bar-Ziv Yaron –  Head of Joint Replacement Surgery Department, Shamir hospital, Assaf Harofeh. Hip replacement with the anterior approach, knee pain  treatment, knee replacement with the kinematic method, partial knee replacement surgery (unicondylar / unicompartmental), cartilage treatment.


Dr. Gold AviramDr. Gold Aviram – Senior Deputy Director of Orthopedic Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov. Treatment of osteoarthritis, total and partial knee or hip replacement including a robotic surgery, wear of the hip joint.


Prof. Debi RonenProf. Debi Ronen –  The leading surgeon specialized in hip replacement procedure with an anterior approach, kinematic knee replacement surgery, advanced technologies and rapid rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery, PRP treatment, customized joint surgery, Barzilai Medical Center.


Prof. Dekel ShmuelProf. Dekel Shmuel – Head of Advanced Orthopedics center, Assuta Ramat Hay’al Hospital. Partial knee replacement, hip replacement, bone connection treatment, use of botox to treat anterior knee pain.


Prof. Drexler MichaelProf. Drexler Michael – Head of Orthopedic Department, Assuta Ashdod Hospital. Specialist in robotic knee and hip replacement, partial replacement surgery – a surgical procedure to replace just the damaged section of the knee – medial or lateral section, replacement of the patellofemoral section. Two-part knee replacement – the medial section and the patellofemoral section.


Dr. Lindner Dror

Dr. Lindner Dror – Deputy Head of Orthopedics Department, Shamir, Asaf Hospital. Senior doctor in the Sports Injury Unit, Expert of arthroscopic surgeries. Chief physician of Maccabi Tel Aviv football team. Secretary of the Israeli Society for Knee Arthroscopy.


Dr. Menachem AharonDr. Menachem Aharon – Former Head of joint replacements unit Orthopedics department, Tel Aviv medical center, Ichilov. Specialist in orthopedic surgery, knee and hip joint replacements – primary joint replacements and revision surgeries.


Dr. Peskin BezalelDr. Peskin Bezalel – head of the Knee Arthroscopy Unit, Rambam Medical Center. Specialist in knee arthroscopy, cruciate ligament, knee patella dislocation treatment, limb axis change (HTO), knee joint replacement, PRP injections.


Dr. Stern AviDr. Stern Avi –  Former Deputy Head of Orthopedic Department, Meir Medical Center. Specialist in knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, knee and hip arthroscopic surgeries.


Dr. Snir NimrodDr. Snir Nimrod –  Head of knee and hip replacement unit, Orthopedic department, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov. Specialist in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery, conservative and surgical treatments for cartilage injuries, cruciate ligament reconstruction, patella dislocation surgeries. Knee and hip replacement surgery, partial knee replacement surgery using replacement navigation / robotics. Ankle surgeries.


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