Sports injuries

Treatment of sports injuries is one of the main areas of medicine in Israel. Thanks to many years of practice, treatment IDF soldiers, as well as sports teams our physicians have gained invaluable experience and achieve good results.


Most of the world-famous athletes are treated in Israel, trusting general medical expertise and the latest technologies.


Currently, the treatment of sports injuries are applied drugs, biological methods, as well as minimally invasive techniques (arthroscopy), allowing doctors to reach the most remote places of damage and fix it with the least damage to healthy tissue. It also promotes early recovery of the patient.


Leading experts in the treatment of sports injuries

Dr. Gideon Burstein – Specialist in knee and hip joints treatment, senior physician of orthopedics, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.


Dr. Gabriel Moses – Specialist in shoulder surgery, head of shoulder surgery, Assuta Medical Center.


Dr. Yishai Rosenblatt – Senior physician, Department of Hand Surgery, Medical Center, Tel – Aviv (Ichilov), Head of Hand and Elbow Surgery Department, Assuta Medical Center.


Dr. Igo Goldberg – Senior surgeon surgery department of the arm and hand, Rehabilitation Center for hands treatment of, Israel.


Dr. Lior Paz – Deputy Director of the Department of Surgery of the wrist joint and hand. Beilinson Hospital. Rabin MC.


Dr. Nachshon Knoller – Head of Spine Surgery Department, Chaim Sheba Tel Hashomer, Neurosurgeon.


Dr. Gabriel Agar – Specialist in knee and shoulder joints, Head of Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical Center Asaf ha Rofé.


Dr. Eran Maman – Specialist in orthopedic surgery of the shoulder joint, Director of shoulder surgery, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Our patients undergo physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the leading rehabilitation centers of Israel


Most injuries occur while playing contact sports such as football, hockey, rugby and others. This is due to the dynamics of these sports and the high probability of a collision.


Types of injuries:

galka Stretch – muscle injury due to excessive stretching and tearing of muscle fibers


galkaWound – abrasion or puncture the skin

galkaBone fracture

galka Traumatic brain injury

galka Spinal Cord Injury


Sports injuries are:

♦ Plantar Fasciitis

♦ Bruised heel

♦ Ingrown nail

♦ Dropsy

♦ Dislocation of the ankle

♦ Achilles tendinitis

♦ Stretching of the Achilles tendon

♦ Ankle fracture

♦ Bursitis Achilles tendon


Fracture of tibia

♦ Leg fracture

♦ Peroneal tendinitis

♦ Deep vein thrombosis


Pain in the knee

♦ Runner’s knee (femoropatellar arthrosis)

♦ Ilio-tibial syndrome (syndrome ilio-tibial tract)

♦ Patellofemoral pain

♦ Baker’s cyst

♦ Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament



♦ Coccyx injury

♦ Sacroiliac joint pain

♦ Lower back pain


Hamstring strain

♦ Stretching the quadriceps femoris

♦ Myositis ossificans

♦ Tight hamstrings

♦ Bruised thigh


Shoulder pain

♦ Rotator cuff injury

♦ Frozen shoulder

♦ Shoulder dislocation

♦ Collarbone injury



♦ Hernia Gilmore

♦ Hip bursitis

♦ Pelvic trauma

♦ Piriformis syndrome



♦ Golfer’s elbow

♦ Tennis Elbow

♦ Fracture of the navicular bone hands

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Soft tissue injuries

When soft tissue injuries dead and damaged cells release chemicals that trigger an inflammatory response. This inflammation is characterized by pain, localized swelling, feeling of warmth, redness and loss of function.


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