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Targeted therapy for melanoma



Targeted therapy is an effective option of melanoma treatment that reduces the growth of cancer cells and prolong life of patients with metastatic melanoma.

Medicines of targeted therapy prevent functioning of abnormal molecules that regulate the growth of tumor cells.


The goal of targeted therapy is to stop the action of mutating molecules in order to slow the growth of melanoma cells without damaging the healthy tissue.


When molecules undergo genetic mutations, they stimulate the growth and spread of cancer cells.


Part of melanoma cells have genetic mutations in BRAF protein. BRAF are molecules that help regulate cell growth.


The mutation BRAF triggers cells develop abnormally and get out of control. Target therapy blocks the activity of MEK protein and BRAF protein. Thus, targeted drugs slow or stop the growth and spread of melanoma.



Our doctor is worldwide known oncologist with many years of experience in melanoma treatment.


Medicines approved by FDA for targeted therapy:

♦ Dabrafenib (Tafinlar) + Trametinib (Mekinist) combination
♦ Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) + Kobemetinib (Cotellik) combination

♦ Trametinib (Mekinist) – inhibitor of MEK

♦ Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) – BRAF inhibitor
♦ Davrafenib (Tafinlar) – BRAF inhibitor



Other treatments:


TIL therapy

Adjuvant therapy

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