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Melanoma treatment methods





⇒ Mohs Surgery


Targeted therapy

⇒ Combined therapy

⇒ Adjuvant therapy

Radiation therapy



Researchers at Tel Aviv University have opened a mechanism for the spread of melanoma to other organs, as well as chemicals that can stop this process.



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Adjuvant therapy for melanoma

In cases of high risk of melanoma recurrence, even after surgery, our specialists can suggest new methodsthat help to delay or prevent the recurrence of melanoma. It is called adjuvant therapy.

Adjuvant cancer therapy is an additional treatment that is recommended after the initial treatment of mela…

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Targeted therapy for melanoma

Targeted therapy is an effective option of melanoma treatment that reduces the growth of cancer cells and prolong life of patients with metastatic melanoma.

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Immunotherapy for melanoma

Melanoma Immunotherapy in Israel

Immunotherapy is one of the latest promising methods for melanoma treatment. It works successfully stimulating the body’s immune system in order to increase its ability to identify and kill cancer cells.

Prof. Schachter is a leading expert with many years of experience in immunotherapy for melanoma in Israel.


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