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Family history of melanoma increases risk of skin cancer by up to 74%



If one of first-degree relatives had a family history of melanoma, there is a significant risk of melanoma occurrence and skin malignant diseases in other family members, especially in the arms and legs. This is evidenced by a long-term study of dermatologists in an article published in the journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, new results of long-term study were announced.


At the previous stage of the scientific work, a connection was found between the family history of melanoma and keratinocytic malignancies. Now scientists have tried to find a connection between the effects of environmental factors, pigmentation and melanoma in relatives.


As part of a 20-year research program in USA health care, which was attended by about 216 thousand medical professionals, skin cancer risk factors were identified in accordance with established rules. The analysis was performed on the basis of the obtained data, which established a connection between the family history of melanoma and the occurrence of keratinocytic malignancies.


In the report researchers indicated that subjects with melanoma history have a high risk of malignant skin diseases:


  • Up to 74% to get a melanoma;
  • Up to 22% – squamous cell carcinoma;
  • Up to 27% – basal cell carcinoma.


The risk of the incidence of melanoma equally applies to men and women, with women more likely to have limb melanoma and squamous skin cancer.


Researchers point to the need for regular skin screening by an experienced dermatologist in people, which have a family history of first-degree relatives with melanoma. This will prevent the disease and prescribe timely treatment.




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