Leading Israeli doctors for ovarian cancer treatment

Лучшие израильские врачи по лечению рака яичника

Here you can find information about doctors who are included in the list of the most recommended specialists for ovarian cancer treatment in Israel – Professors, Heads of Gynecological departments and Research in ovarian cancer.


We provide remote consultation, online consultation, second opinion for foreign patients during the COVID-19.


Our oncologists are specialists who focus on the female reproductive organs problems treatment, including ovarian carcinoma. Doctors use international protocols including chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy, ovarian cancer immunotherapy and biotherapy. As clinical research leaders, oncologists are aware of all the latest international developments in this field.


Counseling on the following diseases:

  • Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
  • Serous Ovarian Carcinoma High-Grade (HGSOC) and Low-Grade (LGSC)
  • Papillary adenocarcinoma
  • Clear Cell Carcinoma (CCC)
  • Mucinous Carcinoma
  • Endometrioid Carcinoma
  • Immature Teratoma
  • Brenner’s tumor
  • Mixed type carcinoma
  • Germ cell tumor of the ovary
  • Stromal tumor
  • Dysgerminoma


If there is a suspicion or you have been diagnosed with one of the ovarian cancer conditions mentioned above, contact us. We will promptly coordinate a consultation with a leading oncologist as well as treatment in Israel under doctor’s supervision.


Our surgeons, gynecological oncologists perform all existing and innovative surgical operations today to remove ovarian cancer tumors in the Assuta hospital. Basically, these are minimally invasive procedures with quick recovery.


Leading Israeli oncologists for ovarian cancer treatment in Israel

Профессор Тамар Сафра

Prof. Tamar Safra is an oncologist, a specialist in uterine cancer, cervical cancer and other female reproductive organs cancer. Head of the Department of Oncogynecology, Sourasky Medical Center, Ichilov. Appointment Online.


Leading Israeli doctors for ovarian cancer treatment

Prof. Mordechai Goldenberg – Endoscopic surgery specialist for ovarian cancer, oncologist-gynecologist. Head of the Gynecological Surgery Department, Sheba Medical Center (Tel Hashomer), Head of Endoscopic Gynecological Surgery School.


Prof. Grisaro Dan - the leading ginecologist-oncologist for cervix health and treatmentProf. Dan Grisaru – Oncologist, specialist in endoscopic surgery in ovarian cancer, gynecological oncologist. Head of the Oncogynecology Department at Liss Hospital, Sourasky Medical Center, Ichilov.

Leading Israeli doctors for ovarian cancer treatment

Dr. Yakov Korah –  Endoscopic surgery specialist of ovarian cancer, gynecological oncologist. Head of the Oncogynecology Department, Sheba Medical Center. Surgeon.

Reports required for consultation

For an online consultation our oncologists will need all the medical reports, pathology reports, MRI, CT/PET CT CDs, detailed medical history, blood tests including Ca-125 tumor marker.


Metastatic ovarian cancer treatment

Israeli oncologists treat advanced ovarian cancer of any degree of differentiation. If all treatment options have been tried, our doctors may recommend to perform molecular tests, on the basis of which they draw up a personalized protocol for the ovarian cancer treatment. Based on the genetic profile of your tumor doctors can select drugs that will work only for you and for your type of cancer. This strategy allows to significantly prolong life and preserve its quality.


PET CT / CT / MRI and pathology revision

You can verify the diagnosis in Israel by sending us biopsy blocks and slides by courier mail to Israel. A leading Israeli pathologist will analyze your samples and issue a pathology report.


You can also get a remote consultation from an Israeli radiologist by sending us PET-CT and CT disks. An experienced Israeli radiologist will prepare a report on your discs.


After consultation

by the end of the consultation you will receive doctors’ report in English including recommendations for ovarian cancer treatment ⇒ See Doctors’ Reports Examples


If you are planning to come to Israel for a consultation, we will send you a diagnostic program in advance (if necessary, as directed by a doctor) with an optimized cost. Treatment will begin immediately after diagnosis (approximately 3-4 days after arrival) and consultation with a doctor, under his supervision, according to an international guidelines.


Additional Information about ovarian cancer treatment in Israel

Precision (personalized) treatment is the target method of ovarian cancer treatment that helps to treat the tumor with effective medicines and to prevent ineffective “trial and error” way, loss of time. It also helps to prevent undesirable side effects.⇒ More details


Immunotherapy for ovarian cancer is a treatment that activates immune system of a woman to fight malignant cells. Immunotherapy has fewer side effects than chemotherapy or does not have them at all.

More details


Molecular oncotests allow to create the unique genetic profile of tumor cells. It helps to prescribe more accurate and effective treatment for each patient.

Review – molecular genetic oncotests used in Israel


In 2019 FoundationOne CDx Ovarian Cancer molecular oncotest was approved as a supplemental testing by the FDA when prescribing Lynparza — Olaparib. This targeted therapy is used as first-line treatment for metastatic ovarian cancer with BRCA 1/2 mutations.

More details

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