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TIL therapy for melanoma



TIL (tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes) is one of the new modern kind of immunotherapy that used in Israel for the treatment of metastatic melanoma of different tumor genome.


TIL method means “infiltration (or implantation) of tumor lymphocytes”. During TIL therapy, cancer cells are destroyed by the human lymphocytes (autologous cells).


TIL method has been studied and continues to be carried out by the Institute of Melanoma “Ella”, under the guidance of Prof. Jacob Schachter, Head of Melanoma Institute, in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute (USA).







TIL-cells and tumor cells are extracted from melanoma metastasis tissue in laboratory conditions. Then the most aggressive TIL-cells which capable of destroying melanoma cells are selected from them. The selected active cells are propagated artificially and injected into the patient’s blood. It takes about 2-4 weeks to create a sufficient number of melanoma cells-killers.





Stage 1:

before TIL treatment, it is necessary to undergo tests in Israel:

• analysis of blood and urine;

• PET-CT (positron emission tomography);

• ECG (electrocardiography);

• vision check up;

• Consultation prof. Jacob Schachter.


According to the the consultation it will be determined whether the procedure is possible in your case or another treatment is needed, including immunotherapy of melanoma.



Stage 2:
Part of the tumor or metastasis is removed in patient and sent to the laboratory in order to isolate the necessary cell cultures.  If the it was successful, the patient should be hospitalized to continue the procedure.


Some patients may receive an additional course of chemotherapy necessary to neutralize some biological forces of the body that can withstand the work of TIL cells, and also to enhance the effect of TIL cells on melanoma cells. After this, the patient receives an intravenous injection of a large number (several million) of TIL-cells. To support therapy and additional stimulation of lymphocytes, patient also takes drug-immunomodulator.





Since TIL-therapy is an immunological treatment it uses own forces of the immune system of the human body, which causes the less side effects.


The effectiveness of the TIL method is stipulated by taking into account the high degree of melanoma aggression and its tendency to rapid metastasis.


As a result of the research, TIL-therapy shows a high level of clinical response to treatment (more than 50%), which helps doctors to create the most successful melanoma treatment strategy for the nearest future.


Today, TIL-therapy is one of the safest treatment methods in Israel that can prolong a person’s life and significantly improve its quality.





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