Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024

The best oncologists of Israel in 2024 - Forbes and Duns list

Below you will see a list of the best Israeli oncologists 2024, who have been included in the list of leading Forbes and Duns ratings for many years.

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Best Israeli Oncologists 2024

Breast Cancer 

Dr. Merav Ben David

Dr. Merav Ben-David – Breast Cancer Specialist

Position: Senior oncologist in the Radiation Unit of the Oncology Institute at Sheba Medical Center. 

Specialty: Clinical research in the breast cancer radiation and the treatment to women carrying the BRCA mutation

Melanoma and Skin Cancer

Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024

Prof. Jacob Schachter – Dermatologic Oncology Physician

Position: Head of Ella Lamelbaum Institute for Melanoma and Immunooncology, Sheba Medical Center

Specialty: Melanoma and skin cancer treatment. Melanoma immunotherapy, targeted therapy, TIL, FMT

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024Dr. Einat Shacham Shmueli – Gastrointestinal Oncologist

Position: Director of the Gastrointestinal Tumors Unit

Specialty: Gastrointestinal Cancer, Neuroendocrine Tumors

Lung Cancer

Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024Dr. Damien Urban – Oncology Pulmonology – Lung Cancer Specialist

Position: Head of the Oncology Department, Head of the Center for Thymus tumors, Sheba Hospital

Specialty: Lung Cancer, SCLC, NSCLC


Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024Dr. Zer Alona – Oncologist, Sarcoma Specialist

Position: Director of Oncology Department at the Rambam Medical Center

Specialty: Sarcomas and soft tissue tumors, Lung Cancer

Oncologic Urology

Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024Dr. Victoria Neiman – Oncologist Urologist

Position: Director of the Oncology Hospitalization Department, Davidoff Cancer Center, Rabin MC

Specialty: Kidney cancer, Prostate cancerBladder cancerTesticular cancer, Breast cancer

Oncologic Gynecology

Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024Prof. Eitan Ram – Oncological Gynecology. Surgeon

Position: Director of the gynecology oncology unit at Beilinson Hospital.

Specialty: da Vinci robot for the treatment of tumors of the uterus, endometrium, ovaries.

Onco Hematologist

Best Israeli Oncologists in 2024Prof. Meir Lahav – Oncology Hematologist

Position: 2000-2015 Head of the Internal medicine department, Senior Hematologist at Beilinson Hospital

Specialty: Lymphomas, chronic and acute leukemias, myeloma, CAR-T therapy, BMT

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